Goddard College

    Daphne Kinney-Landis, Associate Director of Admissions: Creative Writing, MA in Health Arts and Sciences, and MA in Social Innovation
    Renée Almatierra: Education Programs, MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts-Washington site
    Erin Gravelle:Individualized Masters and Bachelors of Arts, BA Health Arts and Sciences, BA Sustainability, Psychology and Counseling Programs 

    DEGREES (Low-residency full-time degree programs designed for working adults)

    M.A.: Community Education, Dual Language Early Childhood Education, School Counseling, Teacher Licensure

    M.A.: Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Embodiment Studies, Health Arts & Sciences, Psychology, Social Innovation & Sustainability

    M.A.: Individualized Study

    M.F.A.: Interdisciplinary Arts, Creative Writing

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