Texas A&M University College of Liberal Arts - Department of Economics

    Margaret Lomas Carpenter, Masters Program Manager, marge@tamu.edu
    Silvana Krasteva, Director of Doctoral Programs, ssk8@tamu.edu

    The Department of Economics at Texas A&M University is a highly ranked program with world-class faculty in a variety of fields. The department is passionate about giving students the education they need to succeed in an ever changing world. To build a solid base of understanding, students take foundational courses in microeconomics, macroeconomics and mathematics, then refine those skills in statistics and intermediate economic theory classes. In upper-level courses these reasoning abilities are applied to specific situations, with a particular focus on understanding social problems from an economics perspective.

    The Economics Research Laboratory at Texas A&M, one of the world’s foremost experimental economics research facilities, offers opportunities for students to conduct their own experiments as part of coursework or independent research. In addition to its Ph.D. program, the Department also offers a Masters of Science of Economics with concentrations in Financial Economics or Econometrics. You are invited to explore its website and learn of the variety of courses, programs and resources available to both current and prospective students.

    M.S.: Economics

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