Tuition waivers available to deserving students

  • More professionals are able to advance their learning with financial assistance.
    More professionals are able to advance their learning with financial assistance.

    Tuition waivers available to deserving students

    For many students, funding their graduate studies is one of the predominant reservations for pursuing an advanced degree. Fortunately, there’s a variety of financial assistance, including grants, scholarships and loans, that are offered to students for that exact purpose. Additionally, some employers either partially or entirely cover their employee’s advanced degree and consider it an investment in a higher quality team. In other cases, corporations are funding the education of certain individuals, and schools are offering free tuition after several years of schooling.

    Yale waives tuition for students
    Yale University is another institution that’s working to make some of its programs more affordable for students. According to YaleNews, eligible Ph.D. students in humanities and social sciences programs will be able to attend their sixth year at the university free of charge. In exchange for the funding, students will be given teaching roles within the university to both help pay for the year and build their portfolios.

    “Many of our graduate programs in the humanities and social sciences typically take up to six years to complete, and, until now, our funding package covered only five years,” the school’s Dean, Lynn Cooley, told the source. “We strongly encourage students to try to finish in five years, but we know from long experience that some programs take slightly longer, so we are delighted to be able to help students in this way.”

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