About College Fair Guide

College Fair Guide is a preparation guide for students attending a regional college fair. Copies of College Fair Guide (CFG) are requested and distributed three weeks in advance of each college fair, college night or college conference. Copies are used as part of a professional guidance curriculum at each high school. 

What's in a College Fair Guide?
  • List of participating colleges with booth numbers
  • Exhibit Hall Floor Plan (if available)
  • Workshops and Information Sessions
  • Comprehensive, up-to-date financial aid info including state programs, grants and help from the military
  • Editorial to help students navigate the college search, testing and preparation process


Who receives copies of College Fair Guide?
  • Number of market areas = 35  
    (Northeast, mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Florida, Texas)
  • Number of high schools receiving copies = 3,900
  • Total number of copies sent = 650,000
Reach students before they attend a college fair
  • Advertise Open House dates 
  • Publicize a specific program or new facility (dorms, labs, library)
  • Introduce a college representative to the area
  • Promote unique features such as rankings, location, size, etc.
  • Drive traffic to a school's web site