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    Tips for finding the right graduate school programs

    One of the best ways to conduct a graduate school search is to talk to students from the programs in which you are interested. Although you'll gather basic information on tuition, courses, and requirements from the programs themselves, nothing compares to talking directly with students. They can speak to the quality of graduate student life, the rigor of the program, and other factors that will determine your success and happiness in graduate school.

    Obtaining Comprehensive Information

    It's not uncommon for would-be graduate students to conduct their grad school searches directly from a guidebook. Indeed, with all of the paperwork involved in the process, it makes sense to structure the application process with some sort of guide. However, once you get the basic admissions timeline in place, you'll want to look past things like essays and applications and explore the meatier issues.

    You'll want to talk to graduate students.

    Whether you are applying to med school, business school, or a one-year master's program, you will want to get the inside scoop on what you can expect. How much does it really cost? How accessible are the faculty members? What do students typically do during the summer? These are but a few of the questions you will want to ask as you determine which program is right for you. Of course, before you begin whittling down your choices, you will want to obtain introductory information from as many schools as possible. At, we believe this initial step should be easy and straightforward, so as not to waylay you from the more substantive aspects of your graduate school search.

    Search for Graduate Schools

    Search through our graduate school directory for thousands of graduate school programs broken out by location and graduate major. We're here to offer comprehensive resources for facilitating your search and we're committed to helping students find the programs to meet their needs!

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