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The company was founded in 1886 as a weekly newspaper in New York City. In 1935, the first annual edition of SCHOOL GUIDE was printed for students in the New York area who were interested in pursuing postsecondary education.  In 1970 the first edition of Graduate School Guide was published for students pursuing doctoral, master's and professional degree programs in the United States and Canada. GraduateGuide.com was launched in 1995 as a companion to our printed Guide.
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See decriptions of each publication below. More than one million copies of our directories and newspapers are used each year to help students and parents in their college search. 
Established in 1935, School Guide is a comprehensive directory of four- and two-year colleges, nursing schools, business schools and military programs located in the United States. Additional sections cover financial aid and college majors.
Established in 1970, Graduate School Guide is a comprehensive directory of professional, graduate and doctoral degree programs located in the United States and Canada. Sections include financial aid information, distance learning programs and graduate test dates. More than 1,000 colleges and universities use Graduate School Guide to help their students with a genuine interest in postgraduate study.
College Conference Manual (CCM) is a preparation guide published in conjunction with more than 35 college fairs and conferences throughout the United States. For more than 30 years, College Conference Manual has helped students, teachers, counselors, and parents prepare for regional college events. CCM is an essential recruitment tool for colleges looking to attract students before they attend a college fair or conference. 
Established in 1976, College Transfer Guide has become the most widely used transfer recruitment publication in the United States. Hundreds of two-year colleges use College Transfer Guide for their students interested in pursuing a Bachelor’s degree.
Established in 1988, Veterans Education Guide provides today’s military veterans with information on how to utilize the education benefits they have earned while on active duty. The Guide is distributed to more than 350 U.S. military bases worldwide.
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