Editorial Staff

Our editorial team focuses on creating relevant, useful information regarding graduate schools, graduate financial aid, graduate fairs, distance learning and graduate test taking.

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Rosemary Ridder, managing editor 
Rosemary has been the editor of Graduate School Guide and GraduateGuide.com since 2002 and has focused on editing the graduate school information published in our book and on our site. Rosemary earned her Bachelor of Music from Manhattanville College and worked in music education, advertising and marketing before joining Graduate School Guide.

Jeanne Marie Healy, associate editor 
Jeanne Marie has been editing for Graduate School Guide since 1992. She earned a BA from Fordham University and a Master's in Teaching from Manhattanville College and worked in reference publishing, advertising, marketing, and community relations. She has taught English to students in middle school and high school.



Monique Smith 
Monique is a Boston-based writer specializing in lifestyle and education topics. She has a degree in English and worked for various print and online publications.

Stephanie Hughes 
After working as a fifth-grade teacher for several years, Stefanie decided to return to school to earn a master's degree in journalism from Boston University. Her own experiences have helped her find her niche as an education writer.

Miriam Lamey 
Miriam is a Boston-based writer who focuses primarily on topics involving lifestyle and education. She obtained her degree in American Studies from Brandeis University in 2005 and has been published in a variety of web and print-based outlets.