Engineering degrees offer high reward after graduation

  • Engineering is growing in need and popularity.
    Engineering is growing in need and popularity.

    Engineering degrees offer high reward after graduation

    There is good news for those seeking an advanced degree in engineering. The field has always been one that’s high earning, but recently, it’s become one of the top professions in regard to income. In fact, engineering topped Payscale’s 2014-2015 College Salary Report that listed the highest earning degrees. Those with a petroleum engineering master’s degree reportedly earn the most out of all other professions in early to mid-career, where salaries range from $102,800 -187,600 as professionals become more experienced.

    “Purdue University and Clemson University are two schools expanding their engineering offerings.”

    Engineering programs gain in popularity

    Purdue University Calumet in Hammond Ind., is one college that’s responding to the growing industry. The school announced approval of two new master’s degrees in engineering – both mechanical engineering, and electrical and computer engineering. Faculty from the Energy Efficiency & Reliability Center, Purdue University Calumet Water Institute and the Center for Innovation through Visualization and Simulation will help students explore all aspects of these engineering specializations.

    Clemson University in Clemson, S.C., also expanded its engineering offerings. The Post and Courier, a South Carolina-based news source, explained that the region is experiencing a growing need for engineering, and the school responded with a partnership with the Lowcountry Graduate Center and more graduate-level courses in mechanical engineering.

    “It was just a natural fit to give this one a go,” Randy Collins, executive director of Academic Initiatives for Clemson’s College of Engineering and Science, told the news source.

    Successful future

    The engineering industry is vast and includes fields from civil engineering to biomedical engineering, and everything in between. Generally speaking, engineering is a scientific field that deals with the creation and use of certain materials, and the specifics of the job are largely dependent on the field. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), civil engineers are the forces behind major construction projects. When a new bridge or airport is needed, it’s a civil engineer’s job to create a plan and oversee its execution. This requires extensive education and training, as these projects are crucial to a region’s design and functionality. Job opportunities are expected to grow 20 percent through 2022, which is faster than average.

    Similarly, the BLS noted that biomedical engineering is another field that’s rapidly growing in need. These professionals are responsible for advancements in medicine — a necessity for the world’s aging population. Job growth is exceptionally fast, with opportunities expected to increase 27 percent through 2022.

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