Online Graduate Schools


Online graduate schools have proliferated in recent years making it easier than ever to pursue post-baccalaureate training. With an array of courses and programs, these schools are gaining increasing recognition in the professional community. As a result, there has never been a better time to consider an online degree.
Many students are stymied by the high cost of a graduate education. Fellowship funding is scarce and very rarely does it cover much more than tuition. The result is that students can expect to pay both tuition and living expenses for the time they are in school. For the average medical student, this means well over $100,000 of debt before even entering a residency program!
The growing cost of graduate school has prompted many students to consider part-time attendance that would allow them to work while completing graduate school requirements. While only a fraction of commuter schools offer part-time options, online graduate school was designed for precisely this reason. With interactive curricula that you complete from the comforts of home, it has never been easier to pursue higher education!
At, we know how intimidating the prospect of graduate school can be. It's not just a matter of getting in, but one of funding and surviving school as well. With this in mind, we are committed to providing a comprehensive listing of schools and programs designed to meet diverse student needs.
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