Scholarships for MBA candidates

  • There are plenty of scholarships available to individuals pursuing a graduate degree in business.
    There are plenty of scholarships available to individuals pursuing a graduate degree in business.

    Scholarships for MBA candidates

    Degrees in Business & Commerce are highly sought after and can lead to lucrative careers in finance, business administration, marketing and other important industries. If you’d like to earn an MBA but don’t want to deal with the financial burden of paying for one, you might consider applying to various national and school-specific scholarships. Here are some popular business school scholarships you might consider:

    Toigo MBA fellowship

    The Robert Toigo Foundation offers 50 to 60 awards of $5,000 on an annual basis to MBA students specializing in finance. Like all of the scholarships on this list, the Toigo fellowship is extremely competitive, with over 500 applicants every year.

    Toigo fellows are required to attend two training weekends during each year of their business school education. These events help improve fellows’ leadership skills, preparing them for a successful career in finance. Scholarship recipients are held in high esteem, allowing them to stand out when applying for internships and full-time careers.

    Government Finance Officers Association scholarships

    The GFOA offers plenty of scholarships to MBA students who meet certain criteria. This organization rewards business graduate students interested in working in the government sector. The most popular GFOA scholarships are as follows:

    • Goldberg-Miller Public Finance scholarship: This annual grant recognizes excellent work from graduate students that are pursuing a career in government finance at the state or local levels. The winner receives an award in the amount of $15,000.
    • Frank L. Greathouse Government Accounting scholarship: The GFOA awards two full-time students pursuing accounting in the government sector. Each student is awarded $10,000.
    • Minorities in Government Finance scholarship: Full-time minority students are eligible to apply for GFOA’s minority-specific scholarship, which awards one student $10,000. The student must be pursuing the field of public administration, accounting, finance, political science, economics or business administration with a specific focus on the government or nonprofit industries.
    • Government Finance Professional Development scholarship: This grant rewards four part-time graduate students with $10,000 scholarships. Students must have two years of work experience in the state or local government sector to be eligible.

    HubShout Internet Marketing scholarship

    SEO company HubShout offers two $1,000 scholarships to business school candidates with a passion for internet marketing. To be eligible, students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0. Although this scholarship is open to undergraduate students, a majority of its recipients were enrolled in MBA programs.

    AfterCollege Business Student scholarship

    This organization offers four $500 scholarships to business students who have created a registered account on their website. AfterCollege offers one grant per quarter for eligible undergraduate and graduate business students.

    Getting an MBA shouldn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Make sure you apply for plenty of scholarships and contact your graduate school for information about merit scholarships or financial aid packages you may be eligible to earn.

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