Air Force Institute of Technology - Graduate School of Engineering and Management

  • Dr. Adedeji B. Badiru, Dean


    M.S.: Applied Systems Engineering, Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction, Cost Analysis, Cyber Operations, Engineering Management*, Environmental Engineering & Science*, Industrial Hygiene*, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Operations Management.

    M.S., Ph.D.: Aeronautical Engineering*, Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Astronautical Engineering*, Computer Engineering*, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering*, Materials Science, Nuclear Engineering*, Operations Research, Optical Science & Engineering, Space Systems, Systems Engineering*.

    Ph.D.: Logistics.

    CERTIFICATES: Autonomy; Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction; Cost Capability Analysis; Data Science; Human Systems; Nuclear Weapons, Effects, Policy & Proliferation; Space Systems; Supply Chain Management; Systems Engineering; Test & Evaluation.

    ONLINE CERTIFICATES: Nuclear Weapons, Effects, Policy & Proliferation (NWEPP); Supply Chain Management Certificate Program (SCM), Space Systems Certificate Program (SSC), Systems Engineering Certificate Program (SEC), Test & Evaluation Certificate Program (TECP).

    *ABET-accredited master's degree programs

    M.S.: Logistics, Systems Engineering.
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