Andrews University

  • Jillian Panigot, Director of Graduate Enrollment Management

    M.A.: Clinical Mental Health Counseling.
    M.A., Certificate: Communication.
    M.A.: English.
    M.A.: School Counseling.

    M.A.T.: Elementary Education.
    M.A.T.: Secondary Education.

    M.Arch.: Architecture.
    M.A.P.M.: Pastoral Ministry (off-campus).

    M.A.Y.A.Y.M.: Youth & Young Adult Ministry.

    M.A., Ed.D., Ed.S., Ph.D.: Curriculum & Instruction.
    M.A., Ed.D., Ph.D.: Educational Psychology.
    M.A., Ed.D., Ed.S., Ph.D.: Higher Education Administration.

    M.A., M.Mus.: Music.

    M.A., Ph.D.: Religious Education.

    M.A., Ph.D.: Religion.
    M.B.A.: Business Administration.

    M.Div.: Divinity.
    M.I.D.A., Certificate: International Development (off-campus).

    M.S.: Biology.
    M.S.: Special Education, Learning Disabilities.
    M.S.: Speech Language Pathology.

    M.S.C.I.D.: Community & International Development.
    M.S.A.: Organizational Management.
    M.S.M.L.S.: Medical Laboratory Science.

    M.S.W.: Social Work.

    Ph.D.: Archaeology: Biblical & Ancient Near Eastern.
    Ph.D.: Counseling Psychology.
    D.Min.: Ministry (off-campus).
    D.Miss. Missiology (off-campus).
    D.P.T., t-D.P.T., D.Sc.P.T., Physical Therapy—Orthopedic Residency.
    Ed.S.: School Psychology.
    Th.D.: Theology.

    Religion/Theology—Post-Doctoral Certificate-Fellowship

    M.Div./M.A. Divinity/Communication.
    M.Div./M.P.H. Divinity/Public Health.
    M.Div./M.S.W. Divinity/Social Work.
    M.S.C.I.D./M.A.Y.Y.A.M. Community & International Development/Youth and Young Adult Ministry.
    M.S.C.I.D./M.S.W. Community & International Development/Social Work.
    M.S.W./M.A. Social Work/Religious Education.
    M.S.W./M.A.Y.Y.A.M. Social Work/Youth & Young Adult Ministry.

    M.A., Ed.D., Ed.S., Ph.D.: Curriculum & Instruction.
    M.A., Ed.D., Ed.S., Ph.D., Certificate: Educational Leadership.
    M.A., Ed.D., Ed.S., Ph.D.: Higher Education Administration
    M.A., Ed.D., Ed.S., Ph.D., Postdoctoral Certificate: Leadership.
    M.B.A.: Business Administration
    M.P.H., Certificate: Public Health.
    D.N.P.: Nursing.

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