Boston University - Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

  • Ann Cudd, Dean Emily Barman, Associate Dean

    M.A. (only): African American Studies, Applied Anthropology, Economic Policy, Energy & Environment, Global Development Economics, International Affairs, Latin American Studies, Mid-Career International Relations, Preservation Studies, Remote Sensing & Geospatial Systems.

    M.F.A.: Creative Writing, Playwriting.

    Ph.D. (only): American New England Studies, Musicology.

    M.A., Ph.D.: Anthropology, Archaeology, Astronomy, Biology, Biostatistics, Chemistry, Classical Studies, Earth & Environment, Economics, Editorial Studies, English, French Language & Literature, Hispanic Language & Literatures, History, History of Art & Architecture, Linguistics, Mathematics; Molecular Biology, Cell Biology & Biochemistry; Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology, Statistics.

    M.S.: Cyber Security, Data-Centric Computing, Statistical Practice.

    M.S., Ph.D.: Bioinformatics, Computer Science.

    DUAL DEGREES: M.A. Classical Studies/Ph.D. Philosophy, M.A. Economics/M.B.A. Management, M.A. English/J.D. Law, M.A. History/J.D. Law, M.A. International Relations/M.B.A. Management, M.A. International Relations/J.D. Law, M.A. Preservation Studies/J.D. Law, M.A. Philosophy/J.D. Law.
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