Boston University - School of Public Health

  • Jonathan Cote, Director of Admissions

    M.P.H.: certificates include: Chronic & Non-communicable Diseases; Community Assessment, Program Design, Implementation, and Evaluation; Design & Conduct of Public Health Research; Environmental Hazard Assessment, Epidemiology & Biostatistics; Global Health; Health Policy & Law; Health Communication & Promotion; Healthcare Management; Infectious Disease; Maternal & Child Health; Mental Health & Substance Use; Monitoring & Evaluation; Program Management; Social Justice, Human Rights, & Health Equity; Sex, Sexuality, & Gender; Pharmaceuticals.

    M.S.: Applied Biostatistics, Environmental Health Data Analytics, Epidemiology, Health Services & Systems Research, Public Health Nutrition.

    Ph.D.: Biostatistics, Environmental Health, Epidemiology, Health Services Research.

    Dr.P.H.: Interdisciplinary professional degree in Leadership, Management & Policy.

    DUAL DEGREES: M.P.H./J.D., M.P.H./M.D., M.P.H./M.S.W., M.P.H./M.S. in Medical Sciences, M.P.H./M.B.A.

    Graduate Certificates: Public Health; Modern Biostatistics - Clinical Trials; Modern Biostatistics - Statistical Genetics.

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