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    CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY (CMU) was founded in 1892 and has slowly and steadily grown to become the high-quality RU Research University that it’s currently known for among other institutions in Higher Education. It is a student-centered university that offers a superior learning environment to prepare students for meaningful involvement and professional accomplishment in today’s knowledge-based and global society.

    Ever since its founding, CMU has remained steadfast on a mission of academic, personal, and professional success for its students. CMU is committed to fortifying its most renowned programs — with excellence in its many business administration programs, in educational administration, the liberal arts, and STEM fields — while also taking a leadership role in health care and medicine, conservation biology and earth and ecosystem science, and rapidly advancing programs in engineering and mathematical sciences.

    Central Michigan University provides nearly 100 graduate programs at the master's, specialist, and doctoral levels, with graduate certificate options in a variety of disciplines.

    The mission of the College of Graduate Studies (CGS) is to support and advance high-quality graduate education. Toward this end, the College promotes quality in all aspects of graduate education, as it …

    • encourages the development of new programs and the improvement of existing ones
    • provides administrative support for graduate programs
    • develops graduate policies for consideration by the larger CMU community
    • advocates for financial and non-financial support for graduate students
    • enforces approved policies that relate to graduate programs and graduate students.

    Graduate Recruiting and Admissions (GRA) further assists toward this mission. GRA …

    • promotes the recruitment and retention of a well-qualified and increasingly diverse student body
    • assists interested students with access to detailed information and admission procedures
    • actively promotes academic programs, visits accredited colleges and universities for recruiting purposes, attends information and recruiting events, and supports partnerships and ongoing communications with educational intuitions, key employers, and student-based organizations.

    In accomplishing its mission, CMU responds promptly and professionally to all constituents, including current and prospective students, alumni, faculty, academic departments and programs, and employers.

    The College of Graduate Studies, Office of Graduate Admissions
    Foust Hall 250, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859

    Graduate Recruiting and Admissions
    230 Ronan, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859
    Phone: 989-774-4723

    Dr. David Ash, Vice President of Research and Sponsored Programs and Dean of the College of Graduate Studies
    Robert Hassen (M.A.), Manager of Graduate Recruiting and Admissions

    M.A.: Broadcast & Cinematic Arts, Communication Disorders, Communication, Composition & Communication, Counseling, Cultural Resource Management, Early Childhood Education, Economics, Education, Educational Leadership, Educational Technology (online required), Electronic Media Management, Electronic Media Production, Electronic Media Studies, English: Children’s/Youth Adult Literature, English: Creative Writing, English Language & Literature, Film Theory & Criticism, Higher Education Administration, History, History-Joint – Comparative and Transnational History, Humanities, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Mathematics, Political Science, Professional Counseling, School Counseling, Speech-Language Pathology, Sport Administration, Teacher Leadership, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), Teaching College Chemistry

    M.B.A.: Accounting, Business Administration, Business Economics, Consulting, Finance, General Business Administration, Health Systems Leadership, Human Resource Management, International Business, Information Systems, Logistics Management (online courses required), Marketing, MIS/SAP

    M.E.T.: Entrepreneurial Transactions.

    M.H.A.: Health Administration (online required)

    M.M.: Music Composition, Music Conducting, Music Education, Music Performance

    M.P.A.: Public Management, State & Local Government

    M.P.H.: Public Health

    M.S.: Apparel Product Development & Merchandising Technology (APDMT), Applied Statistics and Analytics, Biology, Biology Conservation, Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Exercise Physiology, Experimental Psychology, Geographic Information Science, Information Systems, Neuroscience, Physician Assistant, Physics

    M.S.A.: Acquisitions Administration, Administration Essentials, Engineering Management, General Administration, Health Services Administration, Human Resources Administration, Information Resource Management, International Administration, Leadership, Philanthropy and Fundraising, Project Management, Public Administration, Recreation and Park Administration, Research Administration, Training and Development

    Au.D.: Audiology

    DET: Doctor of Educational Technology (online)

    DHA: Doctor of Health Administration (online)

    D.P.T.: Physical Therapy

    Ed.D.: Educational Leadership

    Ed.S.: General Educational Administration

    S.Psy.S.: School Psychology

    Ph.D.: Applied Experimental Psychology, Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Clinical Psychology, Earth and Ecosystem Science, Educational Leadership, History, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Mathematics, Neuroscience, School Psychology, Science of Advanced Materials, Statistics and Analytics

    CERTIFICATES: Acquisitions Administration, Actuarial Science, Administration Essentials, Applied Statistics and Analytics, Autism, Business Computing, College Teaching, Cultural Resource, Management, Data Mining, Educational Technology, Engineering Management, European History, General Administration, Health Services Administration, Human Resources Administration, Information Resource Management, International Administration, International Health, Leadership, Logistics, Modern History, Organizational Communication, Professional Development in Public Administration, Philanthropy and Fundraising, Project Management, Public Administration, Recreation and Park Administration, Research Administration, Training and Development, U.S. History.

    802 Industrial Drive, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858
    Phone: 877-268-4636
    Email: cmuglobal@cmich.edu
    Web: www.global.cmich.edu
    TUITION: visit www.global.cmich.edu for detailed information, tuition rates, and application assistance.  Discounted rates for U.S. Military and Veterans.

    D.H.A., E.DD, M.A., M.B.A, M.H.A., M.P.A., M.P.H., M.S., M.S.A., Ph.D., and many GRADUATE CERTIFICATES.  See our website for a full and complete list: www.global.cmich.edu.

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