Emory University - James T. Laney School of Graduate Studies

  • Kimberly Jacob Arriola, Dean
    Ulf Nilsson, Associate Dean, Academic Operations & Director, Admissions and Recruitment


    M.A.: Development Practice, Educational Studies, Film Studies, Jewish Studies

    M.A.T., M.Ed.: Educational Studies

    M.M.: Choral Conducting, Organ Performance

    M.S.: Bioethics, Clinical Research, Computer Science, Mathematics

    M.S.M.: Sacred Music

    Ph.D.: Anthropology, Art History, Behavioral Sciences & Health Education, Biological & Biomedical Sciences (Biochemistry, Cell & Developmental Biology, Genetics & Molecular Biology, Immunology & Molecular Pathogenesis, Microbiology & Molecular Genetics, Molecular & Systems Pharmacology, Neuroscience, Nutrition & Health Sciences; Population, Biology, Ecology & Evolution), Biostatistics, Business, Cancer Biology, Chemistry, Comparative Literature, Computer Science & Informatics, Economics, Educational Studies, English, Environmental Health Sciences, Epidemiology, French, Health Services Research & Health, History, Institute of Liberal Arts (African-American Studies, American Studies; Culture, History & Theory), Mathematics, Nursing, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology (Clinical, Cognitive/Developmental, Neuroscience & Animal Behavior), Religion (Old Testament Studies, New Testament Studies, Historical Studies, Theological Studies, Ethics & Society, Theology & Personality), Sociology, Spanish; Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

    J.D./Ph.D.: Religion

    Ph.D.: Biomedical Engineering (Emory University and Georgia Tech)

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