Framingham State University - Graduate Studies

  • Dr. Yaser Najjar, Dean of Graduate Studies

    Graduate Admissions Office: 508-626-4501

    M.A.: Counseling Psychology

    M.B.A.: Management, Health Care Management

    M.Ed.: Art, Curriculum & Instructional Technology; Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Literacy & Language, Mathematics, STEM (Science Technology, Engineering, Math), Spanish, Special Education, TESOL

    M.S.: Food & Nutrition (Coordinated Program in Dietetics, Food Science & Nutrition Science, Nutrition Science & Informatics), Merchandising

    M.H.A.: Healthcare Administration

    M.H.R.: Human Resources

    M.P.A.: Public Administration

    M.S.N.: Nursing Education, Nursing Leadership

    P.S.M.: Biotechnology (specialization in Quality Assurance)

    GRADUATE CERTIFICATES: Assistive Technology, Healthcare Administration, Human Resource Management, Instructional Technology Proficiency, Merchandising, School Nutrition Specialist, Public Administration, Quality Assurance for Biotechnology, The Teaching of English as a Second Language

    POST-MASTER'S CERTIFICATE: Nursing Education

    ONLINE GRADUATE CERTIFICATE: Instructional Technology Proficiency

    M.Ed.: Curriculum & Instructional Technology, Educational Technology, Nutrition Education

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