George Washington University - School of Business

  • Dr. Anuj Mehrotra, Dean

    Professional M.B.A., Executive M.B.A., Global M.B.A., Health Care M.B.A., World Executive M.B.A., M.Accy., M.B.A., M.S.B.A., M.S.F., M.S.G.C., M.S.I.S.T., M.S.P.M., M.T.A., Ph.D.

    PROGRAMS: Accountancy, Business Administration (Professional MBA - Accelerated), Business Administration (Professional MBA - Flexible), Business Administration (Health Care - DE), Business Administration (Global), Business Administration (World Executive), Business Administration (Ph.D.), Business Analytics, Finance, Government Contracts, Information Systems Technology, Post-Master's Graduate Certificate, Project Management, Tourism Administration, Walkable Urban Development

    JOINT DEGREES: M.B.A./M.A., M.B.A./J.D., M.B.A./M.S.F.

    M.B.A.: Professional M.B.A. (Health Care Administration)
    M.S.P.M.: Project Management
    M.S.I.S.T.: Information Systems Technology

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