George Washington University - School of Engineering and Applied Science

  • Brittany Wright, Executive Director of Graduate Admissions & Enrollment Management

    App.Sc., Engr., M.S., Ph.D., Graduate certificates

    PROGRAMS: Biomedical Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Security & Information Assurance, Computer-Integrated Design in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Cybersecurity in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Emergency Management & Public Health, Energy Engineering & Management, Engineering & Technology Management, Engineering Management, Enterprise Information Assurance, Environmental Engineering, Geoenvironmental Engineering, High-Performance Computing, Homeland Security Preparedness & Response, Knowledge & Information Management, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Structural Engineering, Systems Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, Transportation Engineering

    M.S.: Engineering Management, Systems Engineering
    GW Online 202-994-6863,

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