Indiana State University - College of Graduate and Professional Studies

    Dr. Denise Collins, Dean 
    Ms. Shaura Lehman, Assistant Dean

    M.A.: Art, Communication, English (Literature, Writing), Geography, Languages,Literatures, Linguistics (with specializations in Linguistics/TESL/Cross-Linguistics)

    M.S.: Athletic Training, Biology, Career & Technical Education for Teacher Licensure, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Computer Science, Earth & Quaternary Sciences, Educational Technology, Electronics and Computer Technology, Dietetics, Human Resource Development for Higher Education and Industry, Industrial Technology, Nursing, Physician Assistant Studies, Recreation and Sport Management, Student Affairs & Higher Education, Technology Education

    M.A/M.S.: Communication Disorders-Speech-Language Pathology (with specializations in Institutional & Agency Settings & School Service Personal Teaching), Criminology & Criminal Justice, History (specialization available in the History of Labor & Reform Movements in the United States), Mathematics, Physical Education (Coaching and Exercise Science), Political Science, Psychology, Special Education

    M.B.A.: Business Administration

    M.Ed.: Elementary Education, School Counseling, School Psychology, School Administration & Supervision, Teaching & Learning

    M.F.A.: Fine Arts

    M.P.A.: Public Administration

    M.P.H.: Public Health

    M.M.: Music Performance/Music Education

    Ed.S.: School Administration and School Psychology

    Endorsement: Gifted & Talented, Non-degree/Endorsement

    D.A.T.: Athletic Training

    D.H.Sc.: Health Sciences

    D.N.P: Nursing Practice

    D.P.T: Physical Therapy

    Ph.D.: Biology (Ecology, Microbiology, & Physiology), Curriculum & Instruction (Early Childhood Education, Educational Technology, Elementary Education, English Education, History Education, Industrial Technology Education, Language Education, Literacy Education, Mathematics Education, Post-Secondary Education, Secondary Education, Special Education), Educational Administration (K-12 School Administration, Leadership in Higher Education), Guidance & Psychological Services (Counselor Education & School Psychology), Spatial & Earth Sciences, and Technology Management (Construction Management, Digital Communication Systems, Industrial Training & Development, Quality Systems, Manufacturing Systems)

    Psy.D.: Clinical Psychology

    CERTIFICATES: Advanced Study in Public Administration, Advanced Study in Public Personnel Administration, American Government & Politics, Clinical Mental Health Counselor Endorsement; Curriculum, Instruction, & Media Technology for Higher Education & Industry; Family Nursing Program Certificate (Post-Nursing Program), Family Nursing Program Certificate (Post-Master's), Human Resource Development, Instructional Design, International Politics, Post-Master of Science Nurse Education, Piano Pedagogy, Public Librarian IV, Teaching English as a Second Language/Teaching English as a Foreign Language

    NON-DEGREE PROGRAMS: Computer Education License & Education Technology Facilitation, Direcor of Exceptional Needs-Initial License-Post-Masters, Director of Career & Technical Education-Post-Masters License, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Initial License-Post Master's, Director of Vocational Education, Education Non-Certification, Elementary Education Licensure-Transition to Teaching, Library Media Additional License, Post-Master's Licensure Program-School Counselor, Reading Teacher Licensure, School Administration-Initial License-Post Master's, Visual Impairment

    ONLINE DEGREES, 812-237-2345

    M.Ed.: School Administration & Supervision, Teaching & Learning 

    M.Ed.: Biology, Career & Technical Education, Educational Technology, History,  Mathematics , Occupational Safety Managemnt, Special Education, Sport Management, Technology Management

    M.S., M.A.: Criminology & Criminal Justice,  Electronics & Computer Technology; Human Resource Development, Nursing, Student Affairs & Higher Education.

    M.P.A.: Public Administration

    M.P.H.: Public Health

    D.N.P.: Nursing Practice

    D.A.T.: Athletic Training

    Ph.D.: Educational Administration

    Ph.D.: Technology Management (Construction Management, Digital Communication Systems, Industrial Training & Development, Manufacturing Systems, Quality Systems)

    D.H.Sc.: Health Sciences

    CERTIFICATES: Advanced Study in Public Administration, Advanced Study in Public Personnel Administration, Driver Education, Exceptional Needs: Visual Impairment, Family Nurse Practitioner, Human Resource Development, Middle/Secondary Teaching, Nursing Education, Public Administration, Public Personnel Administration, School Administration, Special Education: Mild Intervention, Teaching English as a Second Language/Foreign Language, Vocational Business Education.

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