Indiana University Bloomington - Maurer School of Law

  • Greg Canada, Assistant Dean of Admissions

    M.C.L.: Comparative Law
    S.J.D.: Juridical Science
    Ph.D.: Law & Democracy, Law & Democracy and Near Eastern Languages & Cultures, Law and Social Science

    JD/MBA Business, JD/MBAA or MSA (Accounting), JD/MBA Business (3 year program), JD/MPA Public Administration, JD/MSES Environmental Sciences, JD/MA or MS Telecommunications, JD/MLS Library and Information Science, JD/MA Journalism, JD/MPH Public Health, JD/LLB O.P. Jindal Global University, JD/PhD Law & Democracy

    CERTIFICATES: Legal Studies, Cybersecurity Law and Policy, Information Privacy Law and Policy, Rule of Law and Constitutional Design

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