Johnson University

  • Lisa Tarwater, Chief Admissions Officer

    * * * * *

    M.A.: Teacher Education (Educational Technology, Holistic Education, Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Education [K-5, 6-12, PREK-12 World Languages]), Counseling (Clinical Mental Health, School Counseling), Intercultural Studies (Cross-Cultural Church Planting, Community Development, Cross-Cultural Engagement, Customized, Translation), New Testament (Customized, Preaching, Research, Spiritual Formation & Leadership).

    M.Min.: Strategic Ministry

    M.B.A.: Management of Nonprofits & Leadership, Strategic Planning & Leadership

    Ed.S.: Educational Technology

    Ph.D.: Leadership Studies

    * * * * *


    M.A.: New Testament programs, Intercultural Studies programs

    M.B.A.: Business Administration

    Ph.D.: Leadership Studies programs

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