Manhattan College


    Director of Admissions for Graduate Programs & School of Continuing and Professional Studies


    * * * * *

    M.A.: School Counseling
    M.S.: Marriage and Family Therapy
    M.S.: Mental Health Counseling
    M.S.Ed.: School Building Leadership
    M.S.Ed.: Advanced Leadership Studies
    M.S.Ed.: Dual Adolescence/Students with Disabilities Generalist 7-12
    M.S.: Instructional Design and Delivery
    M.S.: Education in Instructional Design and Delivery
    M.S.Ed.: Special Education
    M.S.Ed.: Childhood Education/Special Education
    M.S.: Adolescent Education - Mathematics

    M.S.: Chemical Engineering
    M.S.: Civil Engineering
    M.S.: Computer Engineering
    M.S.: Construction Management
    M.S.: Electrical Engineering
    M.S.: Environmental Engineering
    M.S.: Mechanical Engineering
    M.E.: Environmental Engineering

    M.S.: Organizational Leadership

    M.B.A.: Business Administration

    B.S. Mathematics/M.S. Adolescent Education Mathematics
    B.S. Mathematics/M.S. Applied Mathematics - Data Analytics
    B.A. Mathematics/M.S. Applied Mathematics - Data Analytics
    M.S. Mathematics/M.S. Applied Mathematics - Data Analytics
    B.S. Professional Accounting/M.B.A.
    B.S. Business/M.B.A.

    M.S.: Mathematics
    M.S.: Applied Mathematics/Data Analytics
    M.S.: Computer Science

    Mental Health Counseling
    School Counseling
    Bilingual Pupil Personnel Services
    Bilingual Extension: School Counseling
    School Building Leadership
    Education in Instructional Design and Delivery
    Advanced Leadership Studies
    Instructional Design and Delivery
    Bilingual General Education
    Bilingual Special Education
    Applied Mathematics - Data Analytics

    * * * * *


    M.S.: Organizational Leadership

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