Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Blanche E. Staton, Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Education
    Liza Ruano, Graduate Admissions Coordinator

    M.Arch.: Architecture

    M.B.A.: Management

    M.C.P.: Urban Studies & Planning

    ENG.: Aeronautical & Astronautical, Chemical, Civil & Environmental, Electrical, Materials Science, Mechanical, Naval Engineer, Nuclear Engineering, Ocean

    M.Eng.: Aeronautical & Astronautical, Biomedical Engineering, Civil & Environmental, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Logistics, Nuclear Engineering, Ocean Engineering

    S.M.Arch.S. & S.M.Vis.S.: Architecture

    S.M., Ph.D.: All of above plus Bioengineering & Environmental Health, Biology, Brain & Cognitive Science, Chemistry; Earth, Atmospheric & Planetary Sciences; Economics Geosystems, Linguistics, Management, Management & Technology, Mathematics, Media Arts & Sciences, Medical Informatics, Operations Research, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Real Estate Development, System Design & Management, Technology & Society, Toxicology, Visual Studies

    Sc.D.: Science & Engineering Disciplines

    S.M. (Interdisciplinary): Archaeological Materials, Leaders for Manufacturing, Management of Technology, Medical Information/Medical Physics, Real Estate Development, Technology & Policy, Transportation

    * * * * *

    S.M.: Supply Chain Management.
    S.M.: System Design & Management (interactive classroom).
    William Foley, SDM Distance Learning Coordinator

    Master’s in Data, Economics, & Development Policy (DEDP) (beginning 2020).

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