Medical College of Wisconsin - Graduate School

    DEAN Ravi Misra, PhD
    ADMISSIONS Anthony Perez, MS Ed

    The MCW Graduate School offers master’s and doctoral degrees, certificate programs and post-doctoral education opportunities, along with the opportunity to train with nationally recognized biomedical and health researchers while contributing to cutting-edge, highly translational medical research and improved public and community health. MCW’s Graduate School traces its beginnings to June 1936 with the conferral of the first non-MD graduate degrees from medical departments in the Marquette University School of Medicine. 2016 marked the 80th anniversary of the beginning of graduate education in the biomedical sciences at what is today the Medical College of Wisconsin. Today, the MCW Graduate School provides 20 PhD, Master and Certificate programs in six academic disciplines meeting the needs of students who are either beginning their careers or looking to advance in their careers, including: 

    M.A.: Bioethics.
    M.S.: Bioinformatics*.
    M.S.: Clinical & Translational Science.
    M.S.: Healthcare Technologies Management*.
    M.S.: Medical Physiology.
    M.S.: Biomedical Engineering (ME & MS)*
    M.P.H..: Public Health.

    Ph.D.: Basic & Translational Science.
    Ph.D.: Biochemistry.
    Ph.D.: Biomedical Engineering*.
    Ph.D.: Biophysics.
    Ph.D.: Biostatistics.
    Ph.D.: Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy.
    Ph.D.: Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics.
    Ph.D.: Public & Community Health.
    Ph.D.: Pharmacology & Toxicology.
    Ph.D.: Physiology.

    Clinical Bioethics**.
    Clinical & Translation Science.
    Community Health Assessment & Planning**.
    Population Health Management**.
    Public Health**.
    Research Ethics**.

    * Joint degree program with Marquette University
    ** Online courses & degree completion available

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