Michigan State University - College of Law

  • Lawrence Ponoroff, Dean
    Ian McInnis, Director of Admissions

    J.D. (Juris Doctor): elective focus areas in Business & Commercial Law, Children & Family Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Environmental, Animal, & Conservation Law, Indigenous Law, Intellectual Property, Information & Communications Law, International & Human Rights Law, Legal Profession Innovation, Litigation & Lawyering Skills, Public Policy, Social Justice Law, and Tax and Estate Planning Law.

    A.S.J.D.: Advanced Standing Juris Doctor

    Dual Canadian-U.S. J.D.: Earn a Canadian J.D. and an American J.D.

    M.J.: American Legal System, Intellectual Property & Communications Law, and Global Food Law (Online).

    LL.M.: American Legal Systems, Intellectual Property & Communications Law, and Global Food Law (Online).

    M.L.S.: Master of Legal Studies


    Global Food Law http://www.law.msu.edu/llm/globalfoodlaw/index.html

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