Michigan State University - College of Social Science

  • Anna Maria Santiago, Senior Associate Dean for Research & Strategic Innovations

    M.A.: Professional Applications in Anthropology, Child Development, Family Studies, Community Services, Marriage & Family Therapy, Youth Development

    M.I.P.S.: Master of International Planning Studies

    M.L.R.H.R.: Labor Relations & Human Resources

    P.P.L.: Master in Public Policy

    M.S.: Forensic Science, Geographic Information Systems

    M.S.W.: Clinical Social Work, Organizational & Community Practice

    M.S.W. 1 yr. program; M.S.W. 2 yr. program

    M.U.R.P.: Urban & Regional Planning

    Ph.D.: Chicano/Latino Studies, Family & Child Ecology, Industrial Relations & Human Resources, Social Work

    M.A., Ph.D.: Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology

    M.S., Ph.D.: Criminal Justice

    M.S.: Criminal Justice
    M.S.L.E.I A.: Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysis
    M.S.J.A.: Judicial Administration

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