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    Faye Hood, Assistant Director of Admissions

    Graduate education involves a high level of learning, self-enrichment and the achievement of personal and professional goals. At Molloy University, a nurturing, yet, challenging academic environment will inspire you to expand your knowledge and heighten your skills. Molloy will provide you with innovative courses and engaging field work. The University has an expert, diverse faculty who will motivate you to reach your full potential as a learner and a leader. You bring your desire to achieve and Molloy will see you to your goals.

    Graduate and post-graduate education at Molloy provides:
    • Challenging curriculum
    • Real world experiences
    • Increased analytical skills
    • A forum for critical thinking
    • Opportunity to develop leadership skills.

    Molloy's experienced, diverse faculty will make each classroom a lively center of debate and discussion. You will benefit from small class size and the academically challenging, truly supportive environment the faculty creates. You will receive expert guidance on many levels, while they teach you to communicate effectively in the business world.

    Internships and field studies are readily available for students who want hands-on experience and the University has specially designed graduate programs that facilitate career changes and accommodate the needs of the advanced or returning student.

    Go ahead. Start something. You belong at Molloy, because Molloy University is educating the next generation of leaders - and that's just what you are.

    M.B.A.: Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, Healthcare

    M.S. Clinical Mental Health Counseling

    M.S. Education: Initial Certification (1-6, 7-12), Dual Initial Certification (Early Childhood Birth-2, TESOL, Students with Disabilities), Professional Certification (1-6, 7-12), Professional Certification for Educational Technology, TESOL, Students with Disabilities

    M.S.: Criminal Justice

    M.S.: Music Therapy

    M.S.: Adult Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Specialist (Adult Health), Family Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Practitioner Psychiatry, Nursing Administration with Informatics, Nursing Education, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

    M.S.: Speech Language Pathology

    Ed.D.: Educational Leadership for Diverse Communities

    Ph.D.: Nursing

    D.N.P: Doctor of Nursing Practice

    POST-MASTER'S CERTIFICATES: Post-M.S. in Clinical Nurse Specialist (Adult Health), Education, Education for Bilingual Certification, Nurse Practitioner (Adult, Family, Pediatric, Psychiatry, Acute Care), Nursing Education, Nursing Administration with Informatics and Post-M.S. in Education for Students with Disabilities or TESOL and School Building Leadership

    M.B.A.: Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, Healthcare
    Ed.D.: Educational Leadership for Diverse Communities

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