Montclair State University

    Jennifer O'Sullivan, Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions

    M.A.: Clinical Psychology (Child/Adolescent, Clinical Forensic), Counseling (Clinical Mental Health), Educational Leadership (Higher Education)

    M.A.T.: The two spots that say K-5 should be changed to K-6 and Teaching English as a Second Language should be changed to English as a Second Language

    M.B.A.: Business Administration (Executive, Hybrid, Online, Weeknight)

    M.Ed.: Inclusive Education (P-3, P-3 with Autism, K-6)

    M.F.A.: Dance

    M.P.H.: Public Health (Community Health Education and Health Systems Administration and Policy)

    M.S.: Accounting, Biology (Ecology & Evolution, Pedagogy, Physiology), Business Analytics, Chemistry (Biochemistry), Computer Science, Earth & Environmental Science, Information Technology (Applied Information Technology-online-Professional Science Master's), Marine Biology & Coastal Science, Mathematics (Mathematics Education, Pure & Applied Mathematics), Molecular Biology, Nutrition & Food Science, Pharmaceutical Biochemistry, Statistics, Sustainability Sciences

    M.S.W.: Social Work

    Aud.D.: Audiology

    Ph.D.: Clinical Psychology, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Counseling, Environmental Management, Family Science and Human Development, Teacher Education and Teacher Development, Mathematics Education

    CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), Artist Diploma, Arts and Health, Business Analytics, Child Advocacy, Computational Linguistics, Educational Assessment, Digital Marketing, Environmental Forensics, Forensic Accounting, Gifted and Talented (online), Molecular Biology, Music Education (Advanced Certificate), Nutrition & Exercise Science, Project Management, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, Teaching Middle Grades Mathematics, Translation and Interpreting Spanish, Water & Resource Management

    CERTIFICATIONS: Certified Drug & Alcohol Counselor, Elementary School with Subject Matter Specialization Grades 5-8 (Language Arts/Literacy, Mathematics, Science), Principal, Reading Specialist, School Counselor, Substance Awareness Coordinator, Supervisor Advanced Certification, Teacher of Students with Disabilities (P-3, P-3 Cumberland County, Inclusive Education for K-6 Teacher, Inclusive Education for Subject Area Teacher)

    POST-BACCAULAUREATE CERTIFICATES: Accounting, Geographic Information Science, Music Therapy, Paralegal Studies

    POST-MASTER’S CERTIFICATES: Advanced Counseling, Clinical Forensic Psychology, Family

    M.B.A.: Business Administration.
    M.F.A.: Dance.
    M.A.: Educational Leadership.
    M.s.: Information Technology. Sustainability Science
    (M.S./P.S.M. in Sustainability Leadership).
    M.S.: Human Resources Analytics

    Child Advocacy Certificate
    Gifted and Talented Certificate

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