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    The Master of Art in Humanities at Mount Saint Mary’s University is a dynamic and flexible interdisciplinary program designed for lifelong interest in cultivating a deeper understanding of the connections between the Individual, the Community, and the World.

    Our two-year, 30-unit program brings together students from all educational and professional backgrounds to talk, think, and write about the timeless ideas that have animated culture and society, as well as the contemporary issues we face in Los Angeles, the Pacific Rim, and our larger global environment.

    Our weekend-only format is also an innovative approach to adult learning that provides an alternative way of being a graduate student for professionals with complex work and personal schedules. It redistributes the weekly coursework for a traditional fifteen-week semester into six intensive weekends of class instruction. The weekends are non-consecutive and are scheduled two to three weeks apart.

    Why Humanities?
    The point of the humanities is to develop habits of rigorous reflective thinking and reasoning, the skill to express ideas in a compelling way, and the ability to solve problems with creativity and innovation. Basically, the humanities are the study of human nature, human values, and what it means to be human using critical and analytical methods of study. Since the time of Socrates, the humanities has offered an alternative to the empirical approach of science in that it allows for judgment and has a fundamental moral component. The humanities is an interdisciplinary field of study that provides a broad range of knowledge and skills that can lead to a variety of employment opportunities.

    Master of Art in Humanities

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