New York Institute of Technology

  • Manhattan Campus 1855 Broadway, New York, NY 10023 212-261-1500

    Alice Dolitsky, Director

    M.A.: Communication Arts (Advertising & Public Relations, Electronics & Print Journalism, Filmmaking, Media Management, Television Producing & Broadband, Web Design & Interactive Media)

    M.Arch.: Architecture in Urban & Regional Design

    M.B.A.: Accounting, Combined D.O./M.B.A Program, Decision Science,Finance, General Management, Marketing

    M.F.A.: Computer Graphics & Animation, Fine Arts & Technology, Graphics Design

    M.S.: Childhood Education (Initial and Advanced Preparation for Childhood Education, Extention on Childhood Education; Certification to Grades 7-9, Middle School Mathematics, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Middle School Language Arts), Adolescence Education (specialist in Science and Mathematics Programs), School Counseling, Computer Science, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Energy Management, Environmental Technology (Waste Management, Pollution Prevention, Infrastructure Security), Human Resources Management & Labor Relations (Human Resources Management, Labor Relations, Labor-Management Relations in the Public Sector); Information, Network & Computer Security; Instructional Technology (Educator-Educational Technology Specialist, Educator-No Certification [can be completed online], Professional Trainer), Risk Management, Medical/Healthcare Simulation, Occupational Therapy, Physician Assistant

    Ph.D.: Computer Science

    Ph.D.: Engineering

    D.P.T.: Physical Therapy

    PROFESSIONAL DIPLOMA in Education Leadership & Technology (District Leadership & Technology)

    ADVANCED CERTIFICATES: Energy Technology, Environmental Management, Facilities Management, Infrastructure Security

    ADVANCED CERTIFICATE PROGRAM: Human Resources Management

    CERTIFICATE/ADVANCED CERTIFICATES: Instructional Technology (Computers in Education, Emerging Technologies for Trainers, Instructional Design for Global eLearning, Teaching 21st Century Skills, Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics [STEM] for Educators), Virtual Education

    M.S.: Childhood Education, Clinical Nutrition, Energy Management, Instructional Technology.

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