Point Park University

    Lynn Ribar, Director, Graduate Admission Office

    M.A.: Communication Technology, Community Psychology, Curriculum and Instruction (concentrations in PA certification for supervisor in curriculum and instruction, teaching & leadership, and reading specialist), Educational Administration, Environmental Journalism, Intelligence and Global Security, Media Communication, Organizational Leadership, Public Relations and Advertising

    M.B.A.: concentrations in Business Analytics, Engineering Management, Global Supply Chain Management, Health Systems Management, International Business, Management, Management Information Systems, and Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management

    M.Ed.: Athletic Coaching and Administration, Special Education (PreK-12th grade certification), Secondary Education

    M.F.A.: Writing for the Screen and Stage

    M.S.: Criminal Justice Administration, Engineering Management, Environmental Studies, Health Care Administration and Management

    Ed.D.: Leadership and Administration

    Ph.D.: Community Engagement

    Ph.D.: Critical Psychology

    Psy.D.: Clinical Psychology

    Concurrent program: M.B.A. and M.A. in Media Communication

    Ed.D.: Leadership & Administration
    M.A.: Communication Technology
    M.A.: Curriculum and Instruction
    M.A.: Intelligence and Global Security
    M.B.A.: concentrations in Management and Health Systems Management
    M.Ed.: Athletic Coaching and Administration
    M.Ed.: Education Administration
    M.Ed.: Special Education
    M.S.: Health Care Administration and Management

    Ph.D.: Community Engagement
    M.F.A.: Writing for the Screen and Stage

    888-495-4144, online@pointpark.edu

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