Pratt Institute

    Ranked among the top design schools by BusinessWeek, Pratt offers a variety of top-ranked graduate programs in art, architecture, design, information science, planning, and more. In a city where most colleges claim for their campus the sidewalks and streets, Pratt's main campus in Brooklyn, New York, home to most of its graduate and undergraduate programs, is a twenty-five-acre oasis of grass, century-old trees, meandering paths and historic buildings. Located in Clinton Hill, one of Brooklyn’s historic residential neighborhoods, Pratt’s main campus is a short commute to Manhattan by public transit lines and car. Pratt also holds day, evening and weekend graduate program classes at its Manhattan campus at 144 W. 14th St. in Manhattan. Housing and parking are available at Pratt's Brooklyn campus.

    Pratt's faculty, most of whom are distinguished professionals, bring to the classroom a "real world" expertise, a strong theoretical base and the high standards of their professional work. The faculty has received more than 18 Tiffany, Fulbright and Guggenheim Awards as well as other prestigious professional awards. All of the Institute's programs are supported by state-of-the-art studios and computer labs, preparing graduates for the increasingly competitive marketplace. In fact, 98 percent of Pratt’s graduate students are employed within one year of graduation. Pratt also has extensive gallery space featuring the work of students, alumni, faculty and other well-known artists and designers throughout the academic year. The Institute educates about 4,150 undergraduate and graduate students from 44 states and more than 70 countries.

    Office of Graduate Admissions: 718 636-3514
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    Harriet E. Harriss, Dean of Architecture
    Regina Cahill, Chairperson, Facilities Management
    Howard Albert, Coordinator, Real Estate Practice
    Eve Baron, Chairperson, City and Regional Planning, Center for Planning and the Environment
    Leonel Ponce, Coordinator, Sustainable Environmental Systems
    Vicki Weiner, Coordinator, Historic Preservation
    David Burney, Coordinator, Urban Placemaking and Management
    David Erdman, Chairperson, Graduate Architecture, and Graduate Urban Design

    M. Arch.: Architecture (first professional). Advanced standing available to those who qualify (see
    M.S.: Architecture (post-professional), Urban Design (post professional), City and Regional Planning, Sustainable Environmental Systems, Facilities Management, Historic Preservation, Urban Placemaking and Management, and Real Estate Practice

    Anthony Cocciolo, Dean
    Chris Alen Sula, Coordinator, Data Analytics and Visualization
    Craig MacDonald, Coordinator, Information Experience Design

    M.S.: Library and Information Science, Museums and Digital Culture, Data Analytics and Visualization, Information Experience Design
    Advanced Certificate: Archives, Conservation & Digital Curation, Digital Humanities, Museum Libraries, Spatial Analysis and Design, and User Experience

    Jorge Oliver, Dean of Art
    Mary McBride, Chairperson, Arts and Cultural Management and Design Management
    Peter Patchen, Chairperson, Digital Arts and Interactive Media
    Jane South, Chairperson, Graduate Fine Arts
    Shannon Ebner, Chairperson, Photography
    Julie Miller, Chairperson, Graduate Creative Arts Therapy
    Aileen Wilson, Chairperson, Art and Design Education

    M.F.A.: Digital Arts (Digital Imaging, Animation and Motion Arts, Interactive Arts, Fine Arts (Integrated Practices, Painting/Drawing, Printmaking, Sculpture), Photography
    M.P.S.: Art Therapy and Creativity Development, Arts and Cultural Management, Design Management
    M.S.: Dance Therapy.
    M.A.: Art and Design Education
    Advanced Certificate: Art & Design Education

    Anita Cooney, Dean of Design
    Santiago Piedrafita Iglesias, Chairperson, Communications and Package Design
    Constantin Boym, Chairperson, Industrial Design
    David Foley, Chairperson, Interior Design

    M.I.D.: Industrial Design
    M.F.A.: Communications Design, Interior Design
    M.S.: Packaging Design

    Helio Takai, Acting Dean of School of Liberal Arts & Sciences
    Suzanne Verderber, Acting Chairperson of Humanities and Media Studies
    Beth Loffreda, Chairperson of Writing
    Mendi Obadike, Coordinator, Media Studies
    Jennifer Miller, Coordinator, Performance and Performance Studies
    John Decker, Chairperson, History of Art and Design
    M.A.: Media Studies
    M.F.A.: Writing
    M.F.A.: Performance and Performance Studies
    M.A.: History of Art and Design

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