Queens College - City University of New York

    Suzana Pavisic, Director of Graduate Admissions


    M.A.: Applied Linguistics, Art History, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Data Analytics & Applied Social Research, English-Literature, French, Geological & Environmental Sciences, History, Italian, Mathematics, Media Studies, Music: Music Theory, MA, Music: Musicology, MA, Physics, Psychology, Psychology–Applied Behavioral Analysis, Psychology–Behavioral Neuroscience, Spanish, Speech-Language Pathology, Urban Affairs

    M.A.L.S.: Liberal Studies

    M.L.S. Library Science/M.A. History

    M.A.T.: Visual Art Education, Adolescent Biology, Adolescent Chemistry, Adolescent Physics, Early Childhood Education (B-2), Childhood Education (1-6), Childhood Education & Special Education (1-6), Adolescent Earth Science, Adolescent English Education, Adolescent Math Education, Critical Languages Education (7-12)

    M.F.A.: Art Studio, English-Creative Writing and Literacy Translation

    M.L.S.: Library Science, Library Media Specialist, Library Media Specialist for Certified Teachers

    M.M.: Music: Classical Performance, Music: Composition, MM, Music: Conducting, MM, Music: Jazz Studies

    M.S.: Accounting, Actuarial Risk Management, MS, Applied Environmental Geoscience, Environmental Risk Management, Mental Health Counseling, Nutrition & Exercise Sciences (Nutrition & Exercise Science, Exercise Science Specialist, Nutrition Specialist), Photonics, Risk Management: Accounting; Risk Management: Finance, Taxation, Applied Literacy

    M.S.Ed.: Adolescent Education 7-12 (Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, English, French, Italian, Mathematics, Physics, Social Studies, Spanish), Art Education Teacher (K-12 ), Music Education (Pre-K-12), TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), Physical Education Teacher (Pre-K-12), Family & Consumer Science Teacher (K-12), Mathematics and Bilingual Education, Special Education Teacher (B-2, 1-6), Teaching Mathematics and Computer Science, Teaching Students with Disabilities (7-12), School Counseling, School Psychology, Educational Leadership, Educational Leadership (Companion Program), Instructional Leadership, Integrated Bilingual Early Childhood Special Education, Science and Bilingual Education

    DOCTORAL PROGRAM: Participation in City University of New York doctoral programs

    POST-BACCALAUREATE ADVANCED CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS: Applied Behavior Analysis, Bilingual Education (1-6), Bilingual Education Ext (7-12), Critical Languages Education (7-12), Earth Science Teaching, Italian Culture for the 21st Century, Archives, Records Management & Preservation; Children's & Young Adult Services in the Public Library, Risk Management, School Library Media Specialist

    POST-BACCALAUREATE ADVANCED CERTIFICATE IN EDUCATION (for students who wish to pursue an MSEd degree but have no undergraduate preparation in Education): Adolescent Education (Biology, Chemistry, Chinese, Earth Science, English, French, Italian, Mathematics, Physics, Social Studies, Spanish), Art (K-12), Family & Consumer Science (K-12), Music Education (Pre-K-12), Physical Education (K-12)

    POST-BACCALAUREATE ADVANCED CERTIFICATE AND DIPLOMAS IN MUSIC: Chamber Music, Advanced Diploma; Music & Production, Advanced Certificate; Performance, Advanced Certificate; Performance, Advanced Diploma; Performance–Professional Studies, Advanced Certificate

    POST-MASTER'S ADVANCED CERTIFICATES: Bilingual Pupil Personnel, Sabbatical in Literacy for NYC Teachers, Teacher of Special Ed (B-2; 1-6), Teaching Students with Disabilities (7-12), TESOL, Ethical and Equitable Practices


    ADVANCED CERTIFICATE: Italian Culture for the 21st Century

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