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    Suzana Pavisic, Director of Graduate Admissions

    Enhance Your Career Prospects at Queens College

    Since 1937, Queens College has provided educational opportunities to a multicultural, multinational student body. Today, its dynamic, motivated student body includes representatives from over 140 nations, speaking over 83 languages at home.

    With over 100 master’s and certificate programs, graduate study at Queens College will enable you to increase your career potential with new professional skills, while at the same time broadening your intellectual perspective through research and scholarship. Queens College offers degrees and certificates in various fields, including arts and humanities, business, education, math and natural sciences, and social sciences. You’ll receive a quality education at a reasonable cost in a richly supportive learning environment.

    Queens College has adjusted to virtual learning, with online and hybrid courses and flexible class schedules. E-books, online databases and other electronic sources are available to all of our students via our virtual library services. Although professors shifted to online teaching during the pandemic, many continued to conduct research in the numerous labs on campus. For the fall, we expect to offer online and hybrid learning platforms.  

    If you are a Queens College student in upper sophomore or lower junior standing, you may be eligible to enroll in an accelerated master’s degree program. These programs are offered in over 40 areas and allow students to begin taking graduate coursework at undergraduate tuition rates in their senior year.

    Queens College has graduated more New York City school principals, superintendents, teachers, and counselors than any other metropolitan area college, cementing our major role in “educating the educators.” Queens College also offers a Master of Science in Education degree to teach both math and computer science. Students will graduate with the specialized knowledge and skills in math and computer science that are needed to teach these subjects in secondary schools.

    Get educated by the best. Eight out of 10 full-time Queens College faculty have the terminal degree in their field, and 14 have earned the title of CUNY Distinguished Professor. Our faculty of dedicated teachers and scholars includes scientist Dr. Stephen Pekar, whose research involves the “Lost Continent” of Zealandia, and Dr. Kimiko Hahn, an award-winning poet in the college's MFA in Creative Writing program and former president of the Poetry Society of America, as well as numerous recipients of prestigious national and international fellowships, awards, and research grants. 

    The Queens College experience is enhanced by the availability of scholarly resources and state-of-the-art facilities. These include extensive scientific, computer, music, and art resources, as well as the Louis Armstrong Archives, the Benjamin Rosenthal Library, and the many venues of the Kupferberg Center for the Visual and Performing Arts.

    The college’s 80-acre, tree-lined campus has a distinctly suburban feel. It boasts complete sports facilities, including a newly renovated Olympic-sized swimming pool, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, and a fully equipped fitness center. Its residence hall, Summit Apartments, has a section reserved for graduate students that features fully furnished two- and four-bedroom suites. Also available to Summit residents are study lounges, a fitness center, laundry facilities, high-speed Wi-Fi, basic cable TV, and music practice rooms. Since the start of the pandemic, strict safety measures around campus have been enacted for the safety of our students, faculty and staff. For example, schedules are staggered to limit the number of individuals in each room at any one time, and necessary distance between individuals and mask-wearing is required in all areas.


    M.A.: Applied Linguistics, Art History, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Data Analytics & Applied Social Research, English-Literature, French, Geological & Environmental Sciences, History, Italian, Mathematics, Media Studies, Music, Physics, Psychology, Psychology–Applied Behavioral Analysis, Psychology–Behavioral Neuroscience, Spanish, Speech-Language Pathology, Urban Affairs

    M.A.L.S.: Liberal Studies

    M.L.S. Library Science/M.A. History

    M.A.T.: Visual Art Education, Adolescent Biology, Adolescent Chemistry, Adolescent Physics, Early Childhood Education (B-2), Childhood Education (1-6), Childhood Education & Special Education (1-6), Adolescent Earth Science, Adolescent English Education, Adolescent Math Education, Critical Languages Education (7-12)

    M.F.A.: Art Studio, English-Creative Writing and Literacy Translation

    M.L.S.: Library Science, Library Media Specialist, Library Media Specialist for Certified Teachers.

    M.M.: Music: Classical Performance, Music: Jazz Studies

    M.S.: Accounting, Applied Environmental Geoscience, Environmental Risk Management, Mental Health Counseling, Nutrition & Exercise Sciences (Nutrition & Exercise Science, Exercise Science Specialist, Nutrition Specialist), Photonics, Risk Management: Accounting; Risk Management: Finance

    M.S.Ed.: Early Childhood Education (B-2), Adolescent Education 7-12 (Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, English, French, Italian, Mathematics, Physics, Social Studies, Spanish), Art Education Teacher (K-12 ), Music Education (Pre-K-12), TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), Physical Education Teacher (Pre-K-12), Family & Consumer Science Teacher (K-12), Literacy Education (B-6; 5-12), Mathematics and Bilingual Education, Special Education Teacher (B-2, 1-6), Teaching Mathematics and Computer Science, Teaching Students with Disabilities (7-12), Counselor Education, School Psychology, Educational Leadership, Educational Leadership (Companion Program), Instructional Leadership, Integrated Bilingual Early Childhood Special Education, Science and Bilingual Education.

    DOCTORAL PROGRAM: Participation in City University of New York doctoral programs.

    POST-BACCALAUREATE ADVANCED CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS: Applied Behavior Analysis, Bilingual Education (1-6), Bilingual Education Ext (7-12), Critical Languages Education (7-12), Earth Science Teaching, English Language Teaching, Italian Culture for the 21st Century, Archives, Records Management & Preservation; Children's & Young Adult Services in the Public Library, Risk Management, School Library Media Specialist

    POST-BACCALAUREATE ADVANCED CERTIFICATE IN EDUCATION (for students who wish to pursue an MSEd degree but have no undergraduate preparation in Education): Adolescent Education (Biology, Chemistry, Chinese, Earth Science, English, French, Italian, Mathematics, Physics, Social Studies, Spanish), Art (K-12), Family & Consumer Science (K-12), Music Education (Pre-K-12), Physical Education (K-12)

    POST-BACCALAUREATE ADVANCED CERTIFICATE AND DIPLOMAS IN MUSIC: Chamber Music, Advanced Diploma; Music & Production, Advanced Certificate; Performance, Advanced Certificate; Performance, Advanced Diploma; Performance–Professional Studies, Advanced Certificate

    POST-MASTER'S ADVANCED CERTIFICATES: Bilingual Pupil Personnel, Bilingual Pupil Personnel – Intensive Teacher Institute, Literacy Education (B-6, 5-12), Sabbatical in Literacy for NYC Teachers, School Building Leader, School District Leader, Teacher of Special Ed (B-2; 1-6), Teaching Students with Disabilities (7-12), TESOL & Elementary Bilingual Education, TESOL, Additional Certification – Early Childhood, Additional Certification – Childhood Education, Ethical and Equitable Practices

    POST-MASTER'S CERTIFICATE: Critical Social Practice, Library Science

    ADVANCED CERTIFICATE: Italian Culture for the 21st Century

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