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    Marcus Hanscom, Director of Graduate Admission,

    Roger Williams University is an independent liberal arts University that combines the unique strengths of small liberal arts colleges and those of larger comprehensive universities and where liberal and professional education are enhanced by their integration and the recognition of their unity. At the foundation of the institution is a set of core values that play a central role in guiding a respectful, diverse and intellectually vibrant university community: love of learning as an intrinsic value; preparation for careers and future study; collaboration of students and faculty in research; commitment to community service; appreciation of global perspectives and promotion of civil discourse. The University strives to educate all students to become productive citizens of the social and professional communities in which they will live and build their careers. To participate in a lifetime of such citizenship, it is the goal of Roger Williams University to prepare its students to: communicate clearly in a variety of formats; appreciate the ability of the humanities to stir the soul; advocate effectively through civil discourse; acquire new information and perspectives through traditional research techniques and the use of information technology; contribute productively in team projects through leadership and cooperative efforts and understand how different cultures, philosophies and historical experiences affect the perspectives of others.

    M.A.: Forensic & Legal Psychology, Forensic Mental Health Counseling, Literacy Education.
    M.Arch.: Architecture.
    M.B.A.: Business Administration
    M.S.: Construction Management, Criminal Justice, Cybersecurity, Historic Preservation, Leadership.
    M.S.L.: Studies in Law.
    M.P.A.: Public Administration.

    DUAL DEGREE PROGRAMS: M.S./J.D.: Criminal Justice, Cybersecurity, or Historic Preservation in partnership with the RWU School of Law.

    CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS: Cybersecurity, Cyberspecialist, Digital Forensics, Health Care Administration, Historic Preservation, Middle School Certificate, Leadership, Public Management, and Urban & Regional Planning.

    Ten Metacom Avenue
    Bristol, RI 02809
    Phone: 800-633-2727; 401-254-4500
    Fax: 401-254-4516
    Michael Donnelly-Boylen, Assistant Dean of Admissions

    J.D., M.S.L.

    J.D./M.M.A. Marine Affairs.
    J.D./M.S. Criminal Justice.
    J.D./M.S. Cybersecurity.
    J.D./M.S. Labor Relations & Human Resources.
    J.D./M.S. Historic Preservation.


    M.S.: Construction Management, Criminal Justice, Cybersecurity, Leadership. M.P.A.: Public Administration.

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