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    Amanda Millar, Director of Recruitment and Admissions

    M.A.: Community-Based Education and Leadership

    M.A.T.: Teaching in Middle or High School Math or Science

    M.E.D.: Integrative Learning

    M.S.: Business and Technology Management

    M.S.: Communication Studies

    M.S.: Crime Scene Investigation

    M.S.: Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics

    M.S.: Forensic Accounting

    M.S.: Forensic Investigation

    M.S.: Forensic Studies

    M.F.S: Forensic Science

    M.S.: Healthcare Management

    M.S.: Nursing

    Online Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Programs
    Community-Based Education and Leadership
    Crime Scene Investigation
    Digital Forensics
    Forensic Accounting
    Forensic Investigation
    Literacy Education
    Nursing Education
    Population-Based Care Coordination
    Quality Managment and Patient Safety
    Secondary STEM Teaching and Learning

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