The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

    M.A.: Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Clinical Psychology Counseling specialization (concentrations in Child & Adolescent Treatment, Health Psychology, Latino Mental Health, Supervision & Leadership in Community Mental Health, Treatment of Addiction Disorders, Generalist), Clinical Psychology Applied Behavior Analysis specialization, Clinical Psychology Marital & Family Therapy specialization, Forensic Psychology (concentrations in Child Protection, Sex Offenders, Corrections), Industrial & Organizational Psychology (concentrations include Human Resources).

    M.S.: Clinical Psychology, Applied Behavior Analysis specialization (concentrations in Instructional Design, Developmental Disabilities, Supervision & Consulting).

    Ed.S.: School Psychology.

    Ph.D.: Business Psychology. (blended format)

    Ph.D.: International Psychology, Organizational Leadership.

    Psy.D.: Applied Behavior Analysis (concentrations in Instructional Design, Developmental Disabilities, Supervision & Consulting), Applied Clinical Psychology, Business Psychology (IO track, Consulting track), Clinical Forensic Psychology, Clinical Psychology (concentrations in Child & Adolescent Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Health Psychology, Neuropsychology, International Psychology & Human Rights, Organizational Psychology, School Psychology), Clinical Psychology (Child & Adolescent track).


    ONLINE CERTIFICATE: Post-Master's BCBA, Child & Adolescent Psychology.

    ONLINE DEGREES Master of Health Services Administration. M.A.: Psychology. M.S.: Clinical Psychopharmacology. Ph.D.: International Psychology, Organizational Leadership.

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