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  • Carolyn J. Cawthon, Director of Graduate Operations & Recruitment

    M.A.: Anthropology
    M.A.: Communication (Mass Communication, Communication Studies).
    M.A.: English (Creative Writing, English Education, Literature, accelerated B.A. to M.A)
    M.A.: History (European, United States, War & Society)
    M.A.: Political Science
    M.A.T.L.: Teaching of Language (French, Spanish, TESOL)
    M.F.A.: Theatre (Design and Technical, Directing, Performance)
    M.S.: Communication (Mass Communication, Communication Studies)
    M.S.: History (European, United States, War & Society)
    M.S.: Political Science (Political Science, International Development)
    M.S.: Public Relations
    M.M.E.: Music Education (Music Education, Music Education – Licensure)
    M.M.: Music (Conducting, History & Literature, Performance, Theory & Composition, Woodwind Performance & Pedagogy)
    Ph.D.: Communication (Mass Communication, Communication Studies)
    Ph.D.: English (Creative Writing, Literature).
    Ph.D.: History (European since 1789, United States)
    Ph.D.: International Development
    Ph.D.: Music Education
    D.M.A.: Performance & Pedagogy

    M.B.A.: Business Administration (Business Administration, Sport Event Security Management)
    M.B.A.: Sport Management (Sport Management,Sport Event Security Management)
    M.P.A.: Accounting
    M.S.: Economic Development
    M.S.: Sport Management (Sport Management, Sport Event Security Management)

    M.A.: Psychology
    M.A.T.: Secondary Teacher Education (Alternate Route)
    M.Ed.: Dyslexia Therapy Education
    M.Ed.: Educational Administration & Supervision
    M.Ed.: Educational Curriculum & Instruction (Elementary Education)
    M.Ed.: Higher Education Administration (Student Affairs Administration)
    M.Ed.: School Counseling
    M.Ed.: Special Education
    M.L.I.S.: Library & Information Science.
    M.L.I.S.: Library & Information Science (Licensure)
    M.S.: Child & Family Studies
    M.S.: Counseling Psychology
    M.S.: Education (Educational Studies & Research)
    M.S.: Instructional Technology
    M.S.: Marriage & Family Therapy
    M.S.: Psychology (Applied Behavior Analysis, Psychology)
    Ed.S: Education (Educational Administration P-12)
    Ed.S: Education (Elementary Education, Special Education)
    Ed.D. Education (Educational Administration P-12)
    Ed.D: Higher Education Administration
    Ph.D.: Education (Educational Administration & Supervision P-12, Elementary Education, Research Evaluation Statistics & Assessment, Special Education)
    Ph.D.: Higher Education Administration
    Ph.D.: Instructional Technology & Design
    Ph.D.: Psychology (Clinical, Counseling, Brain and Behavior, School)

    M.A.: Speech & Hearing Sciences (Speech/Language Pathology)
    M.P.H.: Public Health (Epidemiology & Biostatistics, Health Education, Health Policy & Administration)
    M.S.: Medical Laboratory Science
    M.S.: Kinesiology (Exercise Science, Physical Education)
    M.S.: Nutrition & Food Systems (Applied Nutrition & Food Systems, Dietetic Practice)
    M.S.: Speech & Hearing Sciences (Speech/Language Pathology, Deaf Education)
    M.S.: Sport Coaching Education
    M.S.W.: Social Work (Administration & Empowerment, Interpersonal Practice, Social Work)
    Au.D: Audiology
    Ph.D.: Kinesiology (Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology, Sports Pedagogy)

    M.S.N: Nursing (Family Nurse Practioner; Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner)
    D.N.P.: Nursing (Clinical, D.N.P. Leadership in Nursing, Nurse Anesthesia)
    Ph.D.: Nursing (B.S.N. to Ph.D. Leadership, Leadership)

    M.A.: Criminal Justice (Criminal Justice, Juvenile Justice)
    M.S.: Biological Sciences
    M.S.: Chemistry (Chemistry, Biochemistry)
    M.S.: Coastal Sciences (Aquacultural, Aquatic Health Sciences, Coastal Ecology and Ecosystem Processes, Fisheries and Fisheries Oceanography)
    M.S.: Computer Science (Computer Science, Computational Science)
    M.S.: Criminal Justice (Criminal Justice, Juvenile Justice)
    M.S.: Forensics
    M.S.: Geography
    M.S.: Geology (Geology,Professional Geology)
    M.S.: Hydrographic Science
    M.S.: Logistics, Trade, & Transportation
    M.S.: Marine Science (Biological Oceanography, Geological Oceanography, Marine Chemistry, Physical Oceanography)
    M.S.: Mathematics
    M.S.: Physics (Physics, Computational Science, Polymer Physics)
    M.S.: Polymer Science & Engineering (Polymer Science and Engineering, Sports & High Performance Materials)
    M.S.: Science Education (Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Coastal Sciences, Earth Science, Marine Science, Mathematics, Physics)
    M.S.: Human Capital Development
    Ph.D.: Biological Sciences (Biology, Marine Biology)
    Ph.D.: Chemistry (Chemistry, Biochemistry)
    Ph.D.: Coastal Sciences(Aquacultural, Aquatic Health Sciences, Coastal Ecology and Ecosystem Processes, Fisheries and Fisheries Oceanography)
    Ph.D.: Computational Science (Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics)
    Ph.D.: Criminal Justice
    Ph.D.: Geography
    Ph.D.: Human Capital Development
    Ph.D.: Marine Science (Biological Oceanography, Geological Oceanography, Hydrography, Marine Chemistry, Physical Oceanography)
    Ph.D.: Polymer Science & Engineering (Polymer Science and Engineering, Sports & High Performance Materials)
    Ph.D.: Science Education (Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Coastal Sciences, Computer Science, Earth Science, Marine Science, Mathematics, Medical Laboratory Science, Physics, Polymer Science and Engineering)

    CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS: Adult Education, Archives & Special Collections, Business Foundations, Community College Leadership, Construction Management, Criminal Justice, Economic Development, Family Nurse Practitioner, Family Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Geographic Information Technology, Gerontology, Institutional Research, Instructional Technology, Management of Child Nutrition Programs, Nonprofit Studies, Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Public History, Sport Security Management, Teach Mississippi Institute Secondary Ed), Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)(online and face-to-face), University Teaching, Youth Services & Literature

    M.A.T.L.: Teaching of Language (French, Spanish, TESOL)(Hybrid and Fully Online)
    M.B.A.: Business Administration(Fully Online).
    M.B.A.: Business Administration(Sport Event Security Management) (Fully Online)
    M.Ed.: Dyslexia Therapy Education(Hybrid)
    M.Ed.: Educational Administration & Supervision(Fully Online)
    M.Ed.: Educational Curriculum & Instruction (Elementary Education)(Hybrid and Fully Online)
    M.Ed.: School Counseling (Hybrid and Fully Online)
    M.Ed.: Special Education (Hybrid)
    M.L.I.S.: Library & Information Science (Library & Information Science, Licensure)(Fully Online)
    M.M.Ed.: Music Education (Fully Online)
    M.P.H.: Public Health (Health Policy and Administration)(Executive and Fully Online)
    M.S.: Child & Family Studies (Fully Online)
    M.S.: Economic Development(Hybrid)
    M.S.: Instructional Technology(Hybrid and Fully Online)
    M.S.: Kinesiology (Physical Education)(Fully Online)
    M.S.: Logistics, Trade, & Transportation(Hybrid and Fully Online)
    M.S.: Medical Laboratory Science (Fully Online)
    M.S.: Nutrition & Food Services (Dietetic Practice, Management of Child Nutrition Programs)(Fully Online)
    M.S.: Sport Coaching Education(Fully Online)
    M.S.: Sport Management (Fully Online)
    M.S.: Sport Management (Sport Event Security Management)(Fully Online)
    M.S.: Human Capital Development (Hybrid and Fully Online)
    M.S.N.: Nursing (Family Nurse Practitioner; Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner)(Hybrid)
    M.M.Ed.: Music Education (Fully Online)
    Ed.S.: Education (Educational Administration P-12)(Hybrid and Fully Online)

    D.N.P.: Nursing (B.S.N. to D.N.P. Family Nurse Practitioner;
    B.S.N. to D.N.P. Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner) (Fully Online)
    D.N.P.: B.S.N. to D.N.P Leadership in Nursing (Hybrid)

    Ed.D.: Education (Educational Administration P-12) (Hybrid)
    Ph.D.: Education (Educational Administration P-12) (Hybrid)
    Ph.D.: Human Capital Development (Hybrid)
    Ph.D.: International Development (Hybrid)
    Ph.D.: Instructional Technology and Design (Hybrid)

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