University of Maryland Baltimore - Graduate School

  • Dr. Roger J. Ward, Vice Dean

    Keith T. Brooks, Assistant Dean

    M.S.: Cellular & Molecular Biomedical Science, Health Science, Forensic Medicine, Medical Research & Technology, Palliative Care, Pathology, Pharmacometrics, Preventive Medicine, Regulatory Science.

    Ph.D.: Biomedical Sciences, Epidemiology, Gerontology (joint with University of Maryland, Baltimore County), Integrated Life Sciences, Molecular Medicine, Molecular Microbiology & Immunology, Neurosciences, Oral Pathology, Pharmaceutical Health Services Research, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Physical & Rehabilitation Science, Social Work.

    M.S. & Ph.D.: Biochemistry, Biomedical Sciences, Marine Estuarine Environmental Sciences, Molecular Medicine, Nursing, Toxicology.

    JOINT DEGREES: M.D./Ph.D., D.D.S./Ph.D., Pharm.D./Ph.D.

    POST-BACHELOR'S CERTIFICATES: Applied Thanatology, Clinical Research, Global Health Systems & Services, Research Ethics.

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