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    M.D.E.: Distance Education (specializations in Distance Education Technology, Distance Education Teaching & Training, Distance Education Policy & Management)

    M.Ed.: Instructional Technology

    M.S.: Accounting & Financial Management, Accounting & Information Systems, Biotechnology (specializations in Bioinformatics, Biotechnology Management, Biosecurity & Biodefense, Biotechnology Regulatory Affairs), Cybersecurity, Cybersecurity Policy, Data Analytics, Digital Forensics, Environmental Management, Financial Management & Information Systems, Health Informatics Administration, Health Care Administration, Information Technology (specializations in Database Systems Technology, Homeland Security Management, Informatics, Information Assurance, Project Management, Software Engineering, Systems Engineering, Telecommunications Management), Management (specializations in Accounting, Acquisition and Supply Chain Management, Criminal Justice Management, Emergency Management, Financial Management, Healthcare Administration, Homeland Security Management, Human Resource Management, Information Systems & Services, Intelligence Management, Interdisciplinary Studies in Management, Marketing, Nonprofit & Association Management, Project Management, Public Relations)

    D.M.: Doctor of Management

    D.M.: Doctor of Management in Community College Policy and Administration

    M.B.A. with (Master of Distance Education, Master of International Management, M.S. Biotechnology, M.S. Environmental Management; M.S. Financial Management & Information Systems; M.S. Health Care Administration, M.S. Information Technology, M.S. Management, M.S. Technology Management)
    Master in Distance Education with (M.S. Management, M.Ed. in Instructional Technology)
    M.S. Accounting & Financial Management with (M.S. Accounting & Information Technology, M.S. Financial Management & Information Systems)

    CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS: Accounting, Accounting & Information Systems, Acquisition & Supply Chain Management, Bioinformatics, Biosecurity and Biodefense, Biotechnology Management, Criminal Justice Management, Cybersecurity Policy, Cybersecurity Technology, Database Systems Technology; Distance Education, Globalization, & Development; Distance Education Leadership, Emergency Management, Environmental Management, Financial Management in Organizations, Foundations of Distance Education & E-Learning, Foundations of Human Resource Management, Foundations of Information Technology, Health Administration Informatics, Health Care Administration, Homeland Security Management, Integrated Direct Marketing, Intelligence Management, Informatics, Information Assurance, Instructional Technology Integration, International Marketing, International Trade, Leadership & Management, Policy & Management in Distance Education and E-learning, Predictive Analytics, Project Management, Public Relations, Software Engineering, Systems Analysis, Systems Engineering, Teaching & Training at a Distance, Technology in Distance Education & E-learning, Telecommunications Management

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