University of Massachusetts Boston

    D.N.P.: Nursing.

    Ed.S.: School Psychology/Education Specialist.

    Ed.D.: Education/Higher Education Administration, Education/Leadership in Urban Schools.

    M.A.: American Studies, Applied Economics, Applied Linguistics, Applied Sociology, Classics/Applied Linguistics, Classics/Greek-Latin, Classics/Initial Teacher Licensure, Conflict Resolution, Critical & Creative Thinking, Global Inclusion & Social Development, English, History, History/Archives, History/Public History, History/Teaching History, Historical Archaeology.

    M.B.A.: Business Administration.

    M.Ed.: Educational Administration, Teacher Education (Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle, Secondary), Instructional Design, School Counseling, School Psychology, Special Education, Vision Studies/Teacher of the Visually Impaired, Vision Studies/Orientation & Mobility, Vision Studies/Visual Rehabilitation Therapy.

    M.F.A. Creative Writing.

    M.S.: Accounting, Applied Physics, Biology, Biotechnology & Biomedical Science, Biotechnology/Professional Science, Chemistry, Computer Science, Computer Science/Professional Science, Family Therapy, Mental Health Counseling, Rehabilitation Counseling, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Sciences/Professional Science, Finance, Gerontology, Gerontology/Management of Aging Services, Human Services, Information Technology, International Management, Marine Sciences & Technology, Nursing/Acute–Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist, Nursing/Adult–Gerontological Nurse Practitioner, Nursing/Family Nurse Practitioner, Public Affairs, Public Affairs/International Relations, Rehabilitation Counseling.

    Ph.D.: Biology/Environmental Biology, Biology/Molecular, Cellular, and Organismal Biology, Biomedical Engineering/Biotechnology, Business Administration/Organizations & Social Change, Business Administration/Finance (2014), Business Administration/Management Information Systems (2016), Chemistry/Biological Chemistry, Chemistry/Green Chemistry, Chemistry/Inorganic Chemistry, Chemistry/Organic Chemistry, Chemistry/Physical & Analytical Chemistry, Clinical Psychology, Computer Science, Counseling & School Psychology, Developmental & Brain Sciences, Environmental Sciences/Environmental, Earth & Ocean Sciences, Gerontology, Global Governance & Human Security, Global Inclusion & Social Development, Marine Science & Technology, Nursing/Health Policy, Public Policy.

    CERTIFICATES: Applied Behavioral Analysis of Special Populations, Archives, Biotechnology, Clean Energy & Sustainability, Conflict Resolution, Critical & Creative Thinking at Work, Critical & Creative Thinking/Science in a Changing World, Database Technology, Forensic Services, Geographic Information Systems, Gerontology/Management of Aging Services, Global Post-Disaster Studies, Initial Licensure/Middle-Secondary, Instructional Design, Professional Licensure/Elementary Education, Teaching Writing in Schools; Technology, Learning & Leadership; Vision Rehabilitation Therapy, Vision Studies/Orientation & Mobility, Vision Studies/Teacher of the Visually Impaired, Women in Politics & Public Policy, Women’s Leadership in a Global Perspective.

    POST-MASTERS CERTIFICATES: Nurse Educator, Nursing/Adult–Gerontological Nurse Practitioner, Nursing/Family Nursing, Professional Licensure/Elementary Education, Professional Licensure/Middle-Secondary Education.

    C.A.G.S.: Counseling, Educational Administration, Educational Administration/Teacher Leadership.

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