University of Miami - College of Arts and Sciences

  • Leonidas G. Bachas, Dean

    Charles H. Mallery, Associate Dean for Graduate and Administrative Services 

    M.A.: Anthropology, Art History, History (American, European, Latin American), International Administration, International Studies, Latin American Studies, Liberal Studies, Mathematics, Philosophy, Sociology

    M.F.A.: Creative Writing (Fiction, Poetry), Studio Art (Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, Graphic Design/Multi-Media, Photography/Digital Imaging, Printmaking)

    M.P.A.: Political Administration

    M.S.: Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics

    Ph.D.: Biology (Behavior, Ecology, Evolutionary, Developmental, Physiology, Neurobiology, Tropical Biology, Mathematical, Theoretical), Chemistry (Inorganic, Organic, Physical), Computer Science, English (Early Modern, Modern Anglo-Irish, Caribbean, Feminist Criticism & Theory), History (American, European, Latin American), International Studies, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics (Atmospheric & Ocean Optics, Elementary Particle Physics, Nonlinear Dynamics, Physical & Quantum Optics, Plasma Physics, Solid State Physics), Psychology (Adult, Child, Health, Clinical), Romance Studies (French, Spanish), Sociology (Medical, Criminology, Race/Ethnic Relations)


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