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    Below is a listing of all our programs with the possible modes of delivery. Some modes may be unavailable for specific degrees or emphases. Please check for up-to-date information.

    Accountancy: M.Acc., Ph.D. (On-campus, Distance)

    Agricultural and Applied Economics: M.S., Ph.D. (On-campus)

    Agricultural Education : Ph.D. (On-campus, Distance)

    Agricultural Leadership, Communication and Education: M.S. (On-campus, Distance)

    American Law: LL.M (On-campus)

    Ancient Mediterranean Studies: M.A., Ph.D. (On-campus)

    Animal Sciences: M.S., Ph.D. (On-campus)

    Anthropology: M.A., Ph.D. (On-campus)

    Applied Behavior Analysis: M.S. (On-campus)

    Architectural Studies -General; Design and Digital Media; Environment and Behavior: M.A., M.S. (On-campus, Distance)

    Atlantic History and Politics: M.A. (On-campus)

    Biochemistry: Ph.D. (On-campus)

    Biological Engineering: M.S., Ph.D. (On-campus, Distance)

    Biological Sciences: M.A., Ph.D. (On-campus)

    Biomedical Sciences - Biomedical Sciences; Comparative Medicine; Pathobiology; Veterinary Medicine and Surgery; Veterinary Sciences: M.S., Ph.D. (On-campus, Distance)

    Business: M.S. (Distance)

    Business Administration: M.B.A., Ph.D. (On-campus, Distance)

    Care Management: M.S. (Distance)

    Chemical Engineering: M.S., Ph.D. (On-campus)

    Chemistry: Ph.D. (On-campus)

    Civil Engineering: M.S., Ph.D. (On-campus, Distance)

    Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences -Clinical Laboratory Science; Imaging Sciences; Respiratory Therapy: M.H.S. (Distance)

    Communication: M.A., Ph.D. (On-campus)

    Computer Engineering: M.S. (On-campus)

    Computer Science: M.S., Ph.D. (On-campus, Distance)

    Data Science and Analytics - BioHealth Analytics; Geospatial Analytics; High-Performance Computing; Human Centered Science Design; Strategic Communications and Data Journalism: M.S. (On-campus, Distance)

    Defense and Strategic Studies: M.A. (Distance)

    Dispute Resolution: LLM (On-campus, Distance)

    Economics: M.A., Ph.D. (On-campus, Distance)

    Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis - Educational Administration; Educational Leadership, Educational Policy Studies; Higher Education; PK- Educational Leadership and Administration, Elementary and Secondary Principal and Superintendent, Certification; PK- Educational Leadership and Administration, Elementary and Secondary Principal, Certification; PK- Educational Leadership and Administration, Executive Superintendent, Certification, PK- Educational Leadership and Administration, Superintendency, Certification: M.Ed., EdSp, Ph.D., Ed.D. (On-campus, Distance)

    Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology: Career Counseling Psychology; Counseling Psychology; Educational Psychology; Educational Psychology, Student Learning & Wellbeing; Educational Psychology, Mental Health Practices in Schools; Positive Coaching and Athletic Leadership; School Counselor, Elementary and Secondary, Certification; School Psychology, Certification; Statistics, Measurement, and Evaluation in Education: M.A., M.Ed., EdSp, Ph.D. (On-campus, Distance)

    Electrical and Computer Engineering: Ph.D. (On-campus)

    Electrical Engineering: M.S. (On-campus)

    Engineering - Biological; Chemical; Computer Science; Industrial Engineering; Mechanical and Aerospace: M.E. (On-campus)

    English: M.A., Ph.D. (On-campus)

    Finance: M.S. (Distance)

    Food and Hospitality Systems: M.S., Ph.D. (On-campus)

    Genetics Area Program: Ph.D. (On-campus)

    Geography: M.A. (On-campus)

    Geology: M.S., Ph.D. (On-campus)

    German: M.A. (On-campus)

    Health Administration: M.H.A. (On-campus, Distance)

    Health and Rehabilitation Science: Ph.D. (On-campus)

    Health Informatics - Bioinformatics; Health Informatics: M.S. (On-campus, Distance)

    History: M.A., Ph.D. (On-campus)

    Human Development and Family Science - Family and Community Services; General; Youth Development: M.A., M.S. (On-campus, Distance)

    Human Environmental Sciences - Architectural Studies; Human Development and Family Science; Textile and Apparel Management: Ph.D. (On-campus, Distance)

    Industrial Engineering: M.S., Ph.D. (On-campus, Distance)

    Informatics - Bioinformatics; Geoinformatics; Health Informatics: Ph.D. (On-campus)

    Information Science and Learning Technologies: Ph.D. (On-campus, Distance)

    Journalism - General; Health Communication; Interactive Media; Media Management; Strategic Communication: M.A., Ph.D. (On-campus, Distance)

    Learning, Teaching, and Curriculum - Art Education; Early Childhood Education; Elementary Education; English Education; Language and Literacies for Social Transformation; Literacy Education; Mathematics Education; Mathematics Education, Certification; Reading Education; Science Education; Science Education, Certification; Social Studies Education; Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages: M.Ed., EdSp, Ph.D.   (On-campus, Distance)

    Library and Information Science - Archival Studies; E-Learning Information Professionals; PK- School Library Media Certification; Youth Services: MLIS (Distance)

    Mathematics: M.A., M.S., MST, Ph.D. (On-campus)

    Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering: M.S., Ph.D. (On-campus, Distance)

    Medical Pharmacology and Physiology: M.S. (On-campus)

    Music - Collaborative Piano; Composition; Conducting; Music Education; Music Theory; Musicology; Performance: M.A., M.M. (On-campus, Distance)

    Music Education: Ph.D. (On-campus)

    Natural Resources - Agroforestry; Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences; Forestry; Human Dimensions of Natural Resources; Parks, Recreation and Tourism; Soil, Environmental and Atmospheric Sciences; Water Resources: M.S., Ph.D. (On-campus, Distance)

    Neuroscience: M.S., Ph.D. (On-campus)

    Nursing - Adult-Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist; Family Nurse Practitioner; Leadership in Nursing and Health Care Systems; Nurse Educator, Nurse Leadership and Innovations in Health Care; Nursing; Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist; Pediatric Nurse Practitioner-Primary Care; Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner; Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Across the Lifespan: M.S., Ph.D., DNP (On-campus, Distance)

    Nutrition and Exercise Physiology - Exercise Physiology; Nutritional Sciences: M.S., Ph.D. (On-campus)

    Pathobiology Area Program - Integrative Anatomy; Pathology and Anatomical Sciences; Translational Bioinformatics: Ph.D. (On-campus)

    Pathology and Anatomical Sciences: M.S. (On-campus)

    Personal Financial Planning: M.S. (Distance)

    Philosophy: Ph.D. (On-campus)

    Physics: M.S., Ph.D. (On-campus)

    Plant, Insect and Microbial Sciences: M.S., Ph.D. (On-campus)

    Political Science: Ph.D. (On-campus)

    Psychology - Clinical Psychology; Cognition & Neuroscience; Developmental Psychology; Quantitative Psychology; Social/Personality Psychology: Ph.D. (On-campus)

    Public Affairs: M.P.A., Ph.D. (On-campus, Distance)

    Public Health - Health Promotion and Policy; Veterinary Public Health: M.P.H. (On-campus, Distance)

    Romance Languages - French; Spanish; Language Teaching: M.A. (On-campus)

    Social Work: M.S.W., Ph.D. (On-campus, Distance)

    Special Education - Autism; Behavior Disorders; Combined Early Childhood and Autism; Cross Categorical, Certification; Early Childhood Special Education; Gifted Education; Learning Disabilities; Special Education, General: M.A., M.Ed., EdSp Ph.D. (On-campus, Distance)

    Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences: M.H.S. (On-campus)

    Statistics - Biostatistics; Data Analytics; General: M.A., Ph.D. (On-campus)

    Textile and Apparel Management: M.A., M.S. (On-campus)

    Theatre: M.A., Ph.D. (On-campus)

    Translational Biosciences: Ph.D. (On-campus)

    Visual Studies: M.A., M.F.A., Ph.D. (On-campus)

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    MS Academic Medicine

    MACC Accountancy

    PHD Agricultural Education

    MS Agricultural Leadership, Communication and Education

    MS Biological Engineering

    MS Biomedical Sciences

    MBA Business Administration

    MS Civil Engineering

    MHS Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences

    MS Computer Science

    MS Data Science and Analytics

    MA Defense and Strategic Studies

    LLM Dispute Resolution

    MA Economics

    EDD Educational Leadership (Coop.)

    EDSP Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis

    MED Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis

    EDSP Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology

    MED Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology

    MA English

    MS Finance

    MHA Health Administration

    MS Health Informatics and Bioinformatics

    MA Human Development and Family Science

    PHD Human Environmental Sciences

    MS Industrial Engineering

    PHD Information Science and Learning Technology

    MA Journalism

    EDSP Learning, Teaching and Curriculum

    MED Learning, Teaching and Curriculum

    MLIS Library and Information Science

    MS Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

    MM Music

    MS Natural Resources

    DNP Nursing

    MS Nursing

    PHD Nursing

    OTD Occupational Therapy

    MS Personal Financial Planning

    MPA Public Affairs

    MPH Public Health

    MA Special Education

    MED Special Education

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