University of Pennsylvania - School of Dental Medicine

  • Graduate Programs 215-898-5792,

    Mark Mitchell, Assistant Dean for Admissions
    Brian Hahn, Director of Admissions (Admissions Contact)

    M.S.O.B.: Oral Biology

    D.Sc.D.: Dentistry


    DUAL-DEGREES: D.M.D/M.B.A. with The Wharton School, D.M.D./M.A. Bioethics with Penn’s School of Medicine, D.M.D./M.P.H. Public Health with Penn’s School of Medicine, D.M.D./M.S. Bioengineering with the School of Engineering and Applied Science, D.M.D./M.Ed. with the Graduate School of Education

    D.M.D./M.S. Law with the School of Law

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