Western Washington University - Graduate School

  • David Patrick, Dean and Vice Provost for Research 

    M.A.: Anthropology
    M.A.: Archives & Records Management (History)
    M.A.: English Studies
    M.A.: Environmental Studies
    M.A.: History
    M.A.: Rehabilitation Counseling
    M.A.: Speech Language Pathology (Communication Sciences & Disorders)

    M.B.A.: Accelerated, Full-Time
    M.B.A.: Part-Time, Evening
    M.B.A.: Regular, Full-Time
    M.B.A.: Weekend, Everett

    M.Ed.: Adult & Higher Education
    M.Ed.: Educational Administration, Main Campus
    M.Ed.: Educational Administration, Off-Campus
    M.Ed.: Environmental Education
    M.Ed.: Environmental Education (North Cascades Institute Residency)
    M.Ed.: Literacy
    M.Ed.: Science Education (Natural Science/Science Education)
    M.Ed.: School Counselor

    M.F.A.: Creative Writing (English)

    M.Mus.: Music

    M.I.T.: Teaching: Secondary w/Certification, Secondary w/Certification (Everett)

    M.P.Acc.: Professional Accounting

    M.S.: Biology
    M.S.: Chemistry
    M.S.: Computer Science
    M.S.: Environmental Science
    M.S.: Exercise Science (Kinesiology)
    M.S.: Experimental Psychology
    M.S.: Geology
    M.S.: Marine & Estuarine Science Program-Biology
    M.S.: Marine & Estuarine Science Program-Environmental Science
    M.S.: Mathematics
    M.S.: Mental Health Counseling
    M.S.: Sport Psychology (Kinesiology)

    Archives & Records Management (Certification Only)
    Principal's Residency Certificate
    Principal Residency Certificate (Off-Campus)
    Superintendent's Certification

    M.Ed.: Adult & Higher Education (also involves some classroom participation)

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