Whitworth University

  • Cheryl Vawter, Associate Vice President, Graduate Admissions and Continuing Studies, 509-777-4518, cvawter@whitworth.edu

    Education: Roberta Wilburn, gse@whitworth.edu
    Business: John Hengesh, gsb@whitworth.edu
    Theology: Jeremy Wynne, theologyma@whitworth.edu
    Master in Teaching: David Cherry, mit@whitworth.edu

    M.A.: Theology, School Counseling, Marriage & Family Therapy

    M.I.T.: Teaching (Gifted & Talented, Special Education)

    M.B.A.: Business Administration

    M.Ed./M.A./MAT: Administrative Leadership, Applied Behavior Analysis, Educational Administration, Gifted and Talented, School Counseling, Social and Behavioral Health, Special Education, Montessori, Teaching and Learning

    M.M.: International Management

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