William James College

    Dr. Nicholas A. Covino, President
    GRADUATE ADMISSIONS CONTACTS Mario Murga, Director of Admissions
    Joseph Luszcz, Associate Director, Admissions

    Founded in 1974 as an independent graduate college of psychology, William James College is the largest graduate psychology institution in New England, offering degree programs in mental health and applied psychology at the doctoral, master's and certificate levels. William James College is a leader in educating organizational leaders and mental health professionals who are committed to meeting the needs of a rapidly changing and increasingly diverse society. The College's highly skilled professionals care for Latinos, Veterans, children, adolescents and families in a variety of settings, including the schools, the courts, the community and the workplace. We offer college-wide concentrations in Latino Mental Health, African and Caribbean Mental Health, Global Mental Health and Military and Veterans Psychology.

    M.A. Organizational Psychology, Applied Behavior Analysis, Clinical Mental Health Counseling (with emphasis in Couples and Family Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy, Forensic & Correctional Counseling, Health & Behavioral Medicine).

    M.A./C.A.G.S. School Psychology.

    Psy.D.: Clinical Psychology, Leadership Psychology, School Psychology.

    CERTIFICATE PROGRAM: Respecialization in Clinical Psychology for Psychologists.

    GRADUATE CERTIFICATE: Executive Coaching.

    M.A.: Organizational Psychology. Psy.D.: Leadership Psychology (Primarily online with 3 annual residencies). NON-MATRICULATING COURSES: Online Graduate Psychology. Preparatory Courses (GPPC).

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