Why a master's of professional studies degree might be the right answer for you


	Obtaining a MPS degree helps students apply their skills in the real world.
    Obtaining a MPS degree helps students apply their skills in the real world.

    Why a master's of professional studies degree might be the right answer for you

    Many people get their master's to enhance their skill set in the hopes of reaching greater success in their careers. Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen. People can obtain a master's degree in the field of their choice, but end up feeling they aren't sure how to apply their education to real life. People might have difficulty locking down a career after graduation, or they might not be sure how to use what they learned to find the right job.

    Luckily, there's a degree that helps all that, and it's as a professional studies degree. This program can help people fine tune what they want to do and guide them on to develop and apply marketable skills in their career of choice. However, it isn't right for everyone. Here's how to know whether a professional studies master's degree is right for you.

    "Georgetown University offers 14 different types of MPS programs."

    It can be applied to a series of fields
    There are a variety of MPS degrees that people can try. For instance, if students are interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity, they might look into a MPS degree in that area. Georgetown University offers 14 different types of MPS programs, as the institution understands the growing need for students to be able to apply their skills in the workplace. Georgetown's MPS degrees cover many specializations, ranging from public communications and corporate communications to technology management.

    It helps set you apart
    If you're in a field that tends to be highly competitive, it may be difficult to find a job after graduation. However, with a MPS degree, you might stand out a little, according to Lisa Geraci, a Senior Consultant for the Education Advisory Board.

    "What really sets job seekers apart is having in-depth knowledge that no other candidates have, and that comes from the type of skills conferred in a very specialized master's program. It's no longer enough to be just a generalist," said Geraci.

    If you look at your résumé and feel like it's a little lackluster or doesn't have stand-out experience, gaining a specialized degree can help impress potential employers and prove your worth in the industry. In the technology industry, where having specific skills is becoming more and more important, employers are going to be looking for students who possess an MPS over a general master's degree.

    It's a hands-on learning experience
    Master's degrees are known for extensive research and preparing students for potentially obtaining a Ph.D. However, MPS degrees are different. They essentially help students define a very distinct path and lay out problems within that field. Students are given the opportunity to experience hands-on how the industry operates and can actually apply their skills while they are studying.

    It gives you fast results
    People who graduate with a standard master's degree may end up taking an extended amount of time before they secure a job in their field. Even after finding that job, they could end up waiting for a promotion they thought they had earned. For people with MPS degrees, the wait time can be shortened. People who are eager to take their career to the next level can create an opportunity for themselves with a specialized degree. It's quite possible that they will be able to obtain a new job faster, or get the promotion they so desperately desired. Instead of waiting for time to pass, results may be a little more immediate for those with an MPS rather than those with a general master's degree.

    By Monique Smith 

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