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Dear Student:

Graduate Search Begins HereCongratulations. By entering this site, you have just taken an important step in seeking a graduate degree. allows you to search graduate school programs in the United States and Canada. This site will help you find colleges and universities that offer accredited graduate programs that most interest you.
The best way to perform a graduate school search is to focus on your intended area of study. Once you find the graduate schools that offer your desired graduate major, you can narrow your graduate school search to a specific geographic area. You can also search for graduate distance learning programs that offer online graduate degrees. Many participating schools have provided response forms to make it easier for you to contact their graduate admissions offices.
Will you elect to continue your education at your present college? You may wish to explore graduate schools in a whole new geographic area. Will you opt for a full-time program or will you work and attend school part time? Can you afford graduate school? Do you want to study close to home?
These are just a few of the important questions you need to ask yourself as you think about life after college.
Choosing a specific major becomes even more important in graduate school. Now that you have completed or are close to completing your bachelor’s degree, you are about to pursue a more specific set of course offerings.
Your graduate degree will most likely set you on a path toward your life’s work. Whether you continue your education after graduate school or start a new job, the program of study you choose will define the future employment opportunities available to you.
Continuing your education will help you get ahead and can be pivotal to furthering your career. There are more than one thousand schools listed in this directory. Which one is right for you? Good luck in your search.
Myles Ridder