5 careers you can have with a master's degree in psychology


	Genetics counseling is another lucrative field.
    Genetics counseling is another lucrative field.

    5 careers you can have with a master's degree in psychology

    Many people are quick to dismiss those with a bachelor's or master's degree in psychology, claiming it's a waste of time that gives people little to no direction for their career path. However, it's in fact just the opposite. People have many lucrative opportunities as a result of acquiring a master's degree in psychology. If you're interested in getting a master's degree in psychology, consider these available career options you'll have afterwards.

    "Clinical therapists are very successful, pulling in an average salary of $150,000."

    1. Private practice clinical therapists
    This is a career that many people with psychology degrees choose to pursue. In this field, people can own a private practice or see clients in their home office. They also can choose their own method for treating patients, however most used tried-and-true therapeutic techniques on their clients. People interested in running their own practice need to obtain a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in clinical therapy. After that, many people may take advanced steps and choose to get a doctorate degree in clinical therapy as well, though it isn't mandatory. People in this field are usually very successful, pulling in an average salary of $150,000.

    2. Industrial-organizational psychologist
    This career is a little different for the field of psychology. Essentially, people with this job focus on how to make employees, and the company as a whole, more successful. People usually pursue a master's degree in industrial and organizational psychology before entering this field. Like clinical psychology, many choose to get a doctorate degree in this field of study as well, as the pay for those with Ph.D.'s is much higher. This is one of the most stable, successful and growing psychology careers. Many companies want to maintain their success and keep their employees happy and motivated, which is where people with this degree step in, giving them serious value. People usually make an average salary of $98,000.

    3. Corporate managers
    When thinking about a master's degree in psychology, many people tend to overlook fields of business management. Leave that up to people with master's degrees in business administration, right? Wrong. People with master's degrees in psychology actually make great corporate managers given their understanding of the way people work. Corporate managers can direct people, motivate people and listen to people when needed. These three factors can make a great manager, which is why so many people with master's in psychology fall back on this. The payout isn't bad, either. People in this field can potentially make $100,000 or more.

    4. Genetics counselors
    This is a relatively new career in the psychology field. However, despite being the new kid on the block, it has a lot of promise. Genetics counselors essentially help people deal with their genetic disorders or the expectations of getting them. Many people believe that this is the job of the future, as more research is coming out about the genetic link to many health conditions. However, if you decide to pursue this field, you should also have a background in genetics, along with counseling, though you don't need to have two master's degrees. Genetics counseling, which holds a lot of promise, also has a high average salary of $63,700. If you choose to get a doctorate in this field, you could be making upwards of $150,000.

    5. Market research analysts
    One field that people with master's degrees in psychology can pursue is research. There is a constant flow of new theories and studies on people and why they act a certain way. While psychology research is a fairly broad field, many people consider becoming a market research analyst, a very successful position. People in this field recognize consumer trends to better improve the market and find out how products can be at their most successful. The average salary is $60,000, but people can make even more money with greater experience.

    By Monique Smith

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